Behind the Greens


  • Back on Track
    A Rail Renaissance Connects Trains to Natural Destinations While it's true that trains use about half the energy per passenger-mile that planes do, and less than cars, too, most travelers have a more pressing concern: Are trains a viable alternative to flying and driving? Train service in Europe is fast and convenient, but in most […]


  • Money-Back Guarantee
    Tax Breaks for Renewable Energy Consumers interested in purchasing environmentally friendly technologies—from solar panels to hybrid cars—have traditionally relied on their state governments for financial help via tax credits and rebates. But as pressure to diversify the country's energy palette mounts as a result of tensions in the Middle East and elsewhere, even the Republicans […]


  • Beyond Breakfast
    Organic Cereals Start the Day Off Right Gradually over the last century, the American idea of a healthy breakfast evolved from eggs and sausage to Cheerios. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, American consumption of breakfast cereal increased dramatically between 1980 and 1997—by over 40 percent to 17 pounds per person, per […]


  • Wet and Wild
    A growing number of homeowners are realizing they can use water's natural energy to cut down on greenhouse gases. Microhydro for the home may be an ideal option for those who want to generate their own electricity.



  • Hair to Dye For
    Natural Alternatives to Toxic Coloring Agents I was born to be a redhead, but that's not the color I got. The first time my hair dried to the glorious shade of red on the box of dye, I was hooked. I'm not alone: more than 50 million women in America dye their hair on a […]


  • Green Gifts for Guys
    Father’s Day Finds from Inner Tube Belts to Emergency Radios to Hoodies and the CrusherRADIO READY Whether you’re on a long hike, holding down the home fort during a storm, at the beach or otherwise away from civilization (and chargers), the Eton American Red Cross Portable Emergency Preparedness Radio (about $70) accepts power from four […]