Behind the Greens



  • Bottom-Line Appeal
    To jumpstart efficiency projects, the Sustainable Endowments Institute launched the Billion Dollar Green Challenge in October 2011, specifically aimed at colleges. This vigorous investment strategy has a whopping average annual return-on-investment of 32%...


  • The Other Fast Food Nation
    People looking to grab a quick bite no longer have to settle for deep fried food and artery-clogging burgers. Healthy options are exploding from EVOS in Florida serving airfries and organic field greens to Burgerville in Oregon and Washington serving sweet potato fries and Alaska halibut.


  • Better Breathing
    Indoor air pollution is a monster with dozens of heads, including mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, viruses, insect droppings, pets, dander, dust, tobacco smoke, dust mites, skin flakes and combustion byproducts. You’d like to slay the Hydra with a single stroke, but it’s not so simple. The first and least costly step toward reducing […]



  • Portable Power
    Without batteries, more than 500,000 Americans would not have woken up on time this morning. Nearly 150 million would be stuck in traffic with dead engines. And 400 million would be talking to themselves on their dead cell phones. From pacemakers to wristwatches, the human dependency on a battery-powered life has never been greater. Consumer electronics products are predicted to reach a record $99.5 billion in sales this year, an increase of 3.5 percent from 2002, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. While the number of portable electronic devices is on the rise, it is often the more environmentally harmful batteries that provide the power. A major problem with batteries is not so much the batteries themselves, but inefficient use and disposal by confused consumers.


  • Green Gifts for Guys
    Father’s Day Finds from Inner Tube Belts to Emergency Radios to Hoodies and the CrusherRADIO READY Whether you’re on a long hike, holding down the home fort during a storm, at the beach or otherwise away from civilization (and chargers), the Eton American Red Cross Portable Emergency Preparedness Radio (about $70) accepts power from four […]