Behind the Greens


  • Tenting Tonight
    Every so often we need to interrupt our regular lives and go off and live in a tent. I don't say this for the usual benefits associated with camping—the simpler living and getting close to the outdoors, though those things go far in renewing our perspective. More importantly, we need to spend time away from home, constructing a shelter at night, taking it down in the morning and moving on, because that gets us close to a truth we usually deny. We are merely passing through this life.


  • Having Faith
    With the recent surge in faith-based environmentalism, it's no wonder that religious entities are using their substantial financial clout to push for green changes in corporate business-as-usual. As a member of a congregation, you can have an impact by helping determine how endowments are being invested, and by suggesting shareholder resolutions to hold corporate entities accountable to ethical standards.


  • We Heart Pasta
    It's no secret that Americans love pasta in all forms—spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, pasta salad. But now there are a range of healthier pastas that come from brown rice, beans, quinoa and other wheat alternatives.


  • Water Smarts
    If you have a rain barrel, but are having trouble maximizing the water you collect—the RainPerfect™ ($139) offers a solution. It’s a solar-powered pump with a hose attachment that fits atop most rain barrels. The RainPerfect provides pressurized water for spraying collected rainwater on lawns and gardens and even for running low-pressure sprinklers.


  • Taking On Polluters
    Community Activist Hilton Kelley In 2000, Hilton Kelley was enjoying a comfortable life in Hollywood as a stuntman and actor when he planned a quick trip to his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, to celebrate Mardi Gras. What he found were abandoned buildings and rampant pollution. The poor air quality had always been there, thanks […]


  • Smarten Up
    Wall Street's Showplace for Environmental Sustainability Wall Street is one of the world's most evocative addresses, but one thing it does not bring to mind is environmental sustainability. That may soon change with a showroom of green technology right smack in the middle of New York City's financial district, out to prove that good economic […]


  • Stock Options
    How to Use Your Shares to Change Company Environmental Behavior If you own stock, whether it be a few shares or a large portfolio, you have the right to attend annual meetings and to try—like Judy Holiday in The Solid Gold Cadillac—to influence company policy. An increasingly popular tactic, shareholder activism is the muscle in […]