4 Things To Consider Before Trying Betterhelp Therapy

It is estimated that mental health and substance abuse affects 13% of the global population. Therefore, it is not surprising that Betterhelp, the largest online therapy, has over 2 million patients under the care of more than 22,000 therapists. The Betterhelp review on sfgate.com offers more insight into how online therapy works.  

The 4 things to consider before trying Betterhelp therapy include;

  1. The state of your mental health.
  2. Your internet connection.
  3. Your budget.
  4. The urgency of your problem. 

1. The State Of Your Mental Health

Unfortunately, it is difficult for online therapists to assess all mental health conditions online. Mental health conditions are diagnosed in three main ways;

  • Psychological assessments.
  • Physical examination.
  • Lab tests.

The therapists on Betterhelp focus on psychological assessments. If you need physical assessment and lab tests to verify the reason behind your mental illness, these therapists may not be of much help, at least not if you need physical tests. 

For example, the therapists may need to know more about your substance abuse issues. How much do you consume? How has this affected your physical health? Neurocognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic health injuries, need more than online therapy. 

Before reaching out to Betterhelp, you need to ensure that your mental health condition requires psychological assessment and not physical tests. Of course, the therapists may also recommend tests, so either way, you will not lose much. 

2. Your Internet Connection

Betterhelp therapists communicate with their patients using Betterhelp live video sessions. The reason for this is that the therapists listen to you and observe your body language and facial expressions.

If you have a faulty and unstable internet connection, the Betterhelp therapists may not give you the right diagnosis because they will not have all the necessary data. One way to ensure you get the help you need is to have a great internet connection. Otherwise, a physical visit with your therapist may be best. 

This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsJ_5E1JEIU analyzes conditions when online therapy is suitable and when it is not the ideal option. 

3. Your Budget

When you contact Betterhelp for therapy, you need to ensure you have a budget for it. Betterhelp charges between $35-$80 a week. Fortunately, this rate is much lower than what most therapists charge, so you still get valuable therapy at an affordable rate. 

4. The Urgency Of Your Problem.

Unfortunately, most people approach therapists when they are facing a crisis. A physical meeting means you get the attention you need quickly and efficiently. This may not be the case when you reach out to a therapist online. 

Due to the time difference and high demand for therapists, you may not always find a therapist when you need one, at least not immediately. If you need a therapist urgently, it may be best to get a readily available one. 

Tips On How To Find The Best Betterhelp Therapists

Betterhelp has been successful because the patients feel safe and comfortable under the care of the therapists. However, Betterhelp’s algorithm matching process ensures that therapists connect with patients who need their expertise. 

However, even though the system makes the decisions, you have more control than you can imagine. 

These tips will guide you to find the best Betterhelp therapist.

  • Answer all the questions during the screening phase.
  • Have a list of the qualities you want in a therapist.
  • List your top treatment preferences.
  • Make sure you answer all the “what brings you here” sections correctly.
  • Follow your intuition.
  • Take the time to choose your ideal therapist. 

Can You Change Betterhelp Therapists?

Although Betterhelp has thousands of professional therapists, not all of them are the perfect fit for you. If you are not happy with the therapist you are matched to, you can easily request a change. Betterhelp considers its patients a priority, so a new one will replace your current one if you need a different therapist.

How To Get The Best From Betterhelp.

When you reach out to Betterhelp, you have a critical role to play. You need to;

  • Know why you need help.
  • Attend all your sessions and measure your success.
  • Participate in discussions, especially if you are attending group therapy.
  • Research on Betterhelp and learn how it works.
  • Be patient.  

Betterhelp offers excellent therapy services to thousands of people. It has had years of success, which explains why it continues to be the leading online therapy platform. Fortunately, the therapists have encountered many people with the same conditions as you, so you can be confident that you are in the right hands.