4 Things To Know Before Moving To Durham NC

Credit: Kaya, FlickrCCRelocating to a new place can be quite stressful. The reason for this is the whole process of moving to a new area is usually hectic and frantic. It’s for this reason, you should hire a high-quality moving service provider such as Triangle Moving Service. With the services of these expert professionals, this entire process gets done more effectively.

But before you move to Durham, NC, there are several questions you must be asking yourself. If you’re in a similar position, here is a detailed article on the four things you need to know before moving to Durham, NC.

1. Economy and Job Market

One of the most important things you need to know before relocating to Durham, NC, is job availability. The job market in Durham has expanded by 2.0% in the last year, and the unemployment rate is 3.5%, which is marginally lower than the national average of 3.9%. Furthermore, Durham’s economy is expected to expand by 43.3%, with this greater than the US average of 33.5%. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will find a job once you move to this city.

The industrial sectors that are the backbone of this city’s economy are technology, education, and healthcare. Durham also boasts having the Research Triangle Park. This area is one of the key pillars of this city’s economic success, with huge companies such as Google and Amazon having offices and warehouses. There are also other employers located in this city due to its favorable business environment. These include IBM, Duke University, and BCBS of North Carolina.

2. Weather

Durham’s location in the south is another crucial factor that will make you want to live in this city. The weather is so favorable, meaning you can wear T-shirts over the summer months. It’s For this reason, many residents who reside in the northeast come to this region during mild winters. Even in the winter season, the snowfall isn’t substantial, and the snow will have disappeared in one day.

For nine months, the temperatures in Durham average sixty degrees. Because of this, you won’t experience any challenge adapting to this new environment, especially if you’re living in an area with a harsher climate. Therefore, this city’s favorable weather will undoubtedly take away any doubt you had about the move.

3. Traffic and Transportation

It’s vital to assess how easy it is to move in, out, and around the city. By doing this, you’ll be able to know whether moving to Durham is ideal. This city is served with numerous public transportation options that ensure navigation within this city is efficient. The convenient regional service is the GoTriangle, whereas the downtown public bus transit system is the GoDurham. You’ll also find Amtrak operating within the city and in the Raleigh-Durham Airport connecting these two cities.

Durham’s main interstates are I-40, which links Durham’s southeastern to the northwest along the city’s western side, the NC 127 that connects the northwest to Duke University and the southeast to Research Triangle Park. There also is the Hwy 501, which links Chapel Hill to the west. Traffic jams are usually experienced between Durham and Raleigh as well as between Chapel Hill and Durham.

You’ll also find walkable neighborhoods in this city, including Duke University campus, Old West Durham, and Walltown.  According to walksccore.com, Durham’s walking score is 29, the transit score is 29, and the bike score is 36. This city is car-dependent, so you might need a car to make it easier for you to move around the city.

4. What You Can Do

Durham boasts a broad range of historical, cultural, education, and nature activities suitable for persons of different interests and ages.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll love it in Durham since it’s a college town. The two most popular sports here are basketball and football, with baseball slowly gaining lots of fans around the city. You’ll also have to pick your favorite team between NC State, UNC, or Duke. Moreover, due to the high number of universities in this city, you can almost be sure that there’ll be a big game every season. Other sports teams in this city include the minor league baseball team The Durham Bulls. There’s also one professional sports team in Durham,  The Caroline Hurricanes.

Do you enjoy live music? If so, you’re in luck because Durham is home to many live performance venues including in the Triangle area. You can also visit other venues to enjoy fine food, drinks, and live performances. These include The Blue Note Grill, The Pinhook, and Motorco Music Hall. Moreover, there are many new coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, and performing arts. It’s evident that living in Durham is no doubt not a dull experience.