5 Tips To Traveling In Style On A Budget 

Many travel naysayers have one thing in common, they all claim they cannot afford it. So they miss out on the benefits of visiting various destinations, which include exposure to different cultures, people, and environments. Surprisingly, even frequent travelers are often torn between splurging and using a wrist wallet to keep track of every penny spent. Fortunately, traveling on a tight budget does not mean you cannot travel in style. 

Schedule your travel during off-peak season

Every travel destination has peak and off-peak seasons. Many people opt to travel during the peak season because the weather is perfect, while others choose travel dates that coincide with the peak season because they get to interact with travelers who share the same passion for travel. 

Unfortunately, this usually comes at a price. Almost every travel expense during this period is high, whether it is the air ticket, accommodation or entry fees into local establishments. 

Should you opt to travel during off-peak season, you’ll discover that your travel expenses will be much lower, because airlines, hotels, and local authorities offer lower rates to encourage those with a tight budget to visit when demand falls. 

Take advantage of travel points.

The two major expenses that make travel cheap or expensive are flights and accommodation. Many travelers assume the only way they can travel on a budget is if they book cheap seats and stay at budget accommodation facilities. However, you can still lower your expenses without compromising your comfort. 

If you are a frequent traveler, you can take advantage of the rewards offered by various airlines to their loyal customers. You can accumulate travel points that will, over time, take care of your ticket. Some luxury accommodation facilities also offer their regular clients preferential rates, so your expenses during your next travel adventure could fall even further. 

Opt to visit attraction sites that don’t charge entry fees

Some of the popular attractions in top tourist destinations come at a steep price. The cost of visiting these sites should not keep you from traveling. Instead, find out which attractions you can visit at no cost. You can still admire some of the sites from afar without paying exorbitant fees. You never know, the free attractions might prove to be more enjoyable than the crowded ‘must-see’ attraction sites. 

Avoid pre-holiday shopping sprees

If your travel budget is tight, going for a pre-holiday shopping spree will only make things worse since you will have even less money to spend when you reach your travel destination. Instead, carry everything you need from home, or shop when you get to your destination, once you have ascertained that you have enough money to spare for shopping. 

Plan to use public transportation

There is no doubt, using private transfers from one area to another is usually more costly than public transport. If the transport system is safe, you will make a saving if you opt to use the transport system that most of the people in the area use to save money. The savings you make will then allow you to splurge on some of the items you are not ready to compromise on, such as fine dining and a nice hotel. 


Traveling is fun when you can afford it. Fortunately, you can make changes in various aspects of your travel adventure to make it affordable and fulfilling because you traveled in style.