6 Ideas To Promote Your Upcoming Green Initiative

greenIf you’re planning an event, there’s a purpose behind it. You’re trying to achieve something. With all the work you put in for organizing the event, you want people to show up and support it. The way to do that is by marketing and promoting it.

More and more green initiatives are popping up around the world. However, to reach a large crowd and get the support, it’s essential to promote it through at least social media.

We came up with a list of six ideas to help you promote your upcoming green initiative.

Create an Event Hashtag

Hashtags are the way to go when posting on social media. It allows you to group everything together and see all who have posted using the hashtag. Anyone who is talking about your event, ensure they include the hashtag in every post.

Hand Out Flyers and Hang Posters

For a free way of promoting your event, go the classic route with flyers and posters. Sometimes, it’s methods like this that end up working the best to grab people’s attention.

Get creative with your posters to grab the attention of someone walking by using free online photo collage makers to bring multiple photos of the event theme. Add bright, bold colors for the information you want to stand out.

Create a Facebook Event

If you haven’t done this yet, add this to the top of your to-do list. Facebook events are one of the best ways to get information about what’s coming up. It allows people to share it with their friends, which is another free and easy way to reach more eyes. You’ll be able to post updates and photos to tease and entice people for what’s to come.

Master SEO for the Description

Whether it’s your Facebook event or you have a website, SEO (search engine optimization) matters.

Some people like to browse Google to see upcoming events within their area. By learning and incorporating SEO into at least the description of the event, it increases your chances of it appear higher in Google’s search rankings.

Add Your Event to Local News

Many local news websites have an event calendar to showcase what is happening in the area. By adding your event to it, you can reach a broader audience, most likely for free. Popular local news websites often see quite a bit of traffic, so this is another idea to add to the top of your priority list.

Get Some Air Time

Depending on your budget, you may be able to get some air time on local radio stations, news channels, and even podcasts. By going this route, it allows you to get more intimate with the viewers to talk about why this initiative matters. If you can find a way to connect with them, you can increase your chances of having them attend.


Many of the ideas above are fee methods of promoting your event. You don’t need a large budget to spread the word. Although paying for advertisement and getting on radio stations does help, starting with these free methods will give your event the boost needed to draw in attention.