6 Ways To Always Have Hot Water In Your Home

If you are living in cold areas or when it comes to winter, you understand how it is essential to have hot water in your home. The hot water has many uses, including cleaning, washing, bathing, and keeping the house warm. It is a necessity when the weather becomes unbearably cold. The good thing is that you can use several hot water systems at home to enjoy hot water anytime it’s needed. The heating systems have evolved from open fire heating to advanced smart heating systems. The current methods have made hot water heating to be safe, convenient, and fast. Check some heating systems below.

1. Tankless Hot Water Heating System

The Tankless system is one of the updated hot water heating systems in our homes. It uses modern technology, which ensures you get hot water whenever you need it. Like its name ‘Tankless,’ the method has no traditional tanks to store hot water but coils that get heated when filled with water. This system makes the water get heated instantly whenever you need it, thus preventing heat loss and avoids heating water when it’s not required. The Tankless hot water heating system is suited for individuals with large families since it can efficiently heat any water amounts as needed. The good thing about this heating system is that it’s available in several sizes, which you can choose depending on your needs. You can run them using natural gas or electricity and have less maintenance. If used well, the system can last longer to up to 10 years, depending on the make.

2. Solar Powered Water Heater

Most people are now adopting environmentally-friendly ways of living. According to environmental experts, one way to do this is by adopting renewable energy to power appliances at home. Solar-powered water heaters are the best use for renewable energy since they use the sun’s UV rays to heat the water in your home. It involves installing the solar heating panels, which in turn heats the water to ensure your home gets supplied with hot water at any time. Installing a solar hot water system involves having solar panels and a heating system installed by experts. What’s in the system? The system comes with a tank and some other pipe and wire connections other than the solar panels, which are best done and maintained by approved technicians. The water tank needs regular cleaning to remove deposits and also to avoid corrosion. The system works great for individuals living in warm climatic conditions with reliable sunlight and lets you save your electricity bills.

3. Heat Pump Water Heaters

The heat pump is also one of the modern water heating systems that conserve electricity while getting regular hot water in your home. Also known as a Hybrid electric heater, it does not generate heat directly, enabling it to use less power. The system uses a unique mechanism to capture heat from the air or ground and directly transfer it to the stored water. Electricity transfers the heat from the ground or air into the system and not to heat the water. Compared to other heating systems, this system uses at least 60% less energy, making it suited for individuals who want to lower their electricity bills.

In most cases, the heat pump is placed on top of the heater, meaning you will require space, around 8-feet, between the floor and the ceiling. The tank needs regular cleaning, and the system is checked and maintained at least once a year. 

4. Condensing Water Heater

The condensing water heater is a modern smart heating choice that uses gas fumes in your home to heat water. Also referred to as a condensing boiler, the system is suited for individuals who use natural gas as their primary energy source at home. It heats by extracting the gas fumes then uses the heat to preheat the water as it enters the boiler. The system has a water tank and captures the gas via the flue. The gas then gets blown to the coils, which heats the incoming cold water. You will need to buy the right condensing water heater depending on your needs. It would be best if you also had the tank cleaned regularly and the system serviced as required. 

5. Traditional Tank Water Heater

Most modern houses still have this hot water heating tank. The system comprises a water tank, which contains water that requires heating. The tank’s size gets determined by the amount of hot water you will need at any given time. This tank is insulated to keep the water warm after its heated. The system has two valves; one for controlling the temperature and the other to handle the pressure. The pressure pump releases heat and prevents the water temperature when above 120 degrees Fahrenheit and also reduces the tank pressure when it’s around 150 Psi. The system is prevalent in most households and requires a qualified technician for installation. If you have a large family, it’s essential buying the larger tanks to avoid wasting time waiting for the water to heat.

6. Combined Space And Water Heating System

This heating system is for homes with fewer hot water requirements. The system has less air leakage, contains more insulation, and uses a little space. It helps in heating your water and also your space, making it efficient for individuals who want to conserve energy. The ‘combi’ system replaces the traditional hot water system and the forced-air furnace and contains an optimized hydronic air handler with a boiler or water heater. They come with coils used to transfer heat for effective space heating. You need to buy the whole system and have it installed to enjoy all the benefits, including having regular hot water and having your house heated. Ensure you buy the right size to get all the benefits. It is more efficient compared to separate water heaters and heating furnaces. Its maintenance process involves having a technician do the general maintenance at least twice a year.

There are several factors which you need to consider before buying any water heating system. Such factors include its warranty, energy-type, installation needs, capacity, and efficiency. It’s crucial getting a system that won’t inflate your energy bills and one that will last long. If stranded on choices, you can get a professional installer to bring you the water heater’s right type and size.