• Moms Versus Scott Pruitt
    Dominique Browning of Moms Clean Air Force Weighs In on Donald Trump's pick of Scott Pruitt to head up EPA...


  • The Quiet Paradise
    Imagine a South Pacific paradise, steeped in the 18th century history of Captain James Cook and William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame. You can almost smell fragrant frangipani blossoms, taste sweet papayas and feel cool breezes. Now add to that vision: blue starfish, a sparrow-size-bird threatened by extinction and a tree-climbing senior citizen.



  • To Be Green, Eat Green
    If you're all grown up and still wince at the thought of eating dark leafy greens, it may be because you haven't found the right ones, or the right preparation. There are enough different greens and enough ways to prepare them that they can find a place in any menu, from protein-loving to low-fat to raw to, of course, vegetarian or vegan. Greens are too delicious to miss, and their health benefits too great to overlook.


  • From Bed to Table
    Spice up cabinets and drawers with stylish, eco-friendly knobs; Curl up with your Kindle on CozyPure’s day bed; Top your table with vibrant placemats and napkins from Paper Cloud.


  • In Defense of Animals
    Joyce Tischler of the Animal Legal Defense FundJoyce Tischler is a California attorney who co-founded the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a collective of attorneys and supporters who are advancing anti-cruelty legislation, encouraging enforcement of animal protection laws and taking steps to bring the field of animal law into the mainstream. Tischler served as the group’s […]


  • Juicing the Waste Stream
    If there's juice in your child's school backpack, it's more than likely that it's stored in a paper-and-foil aseptic package, complete with a colorful cartoon logo. Although aseptic packaging was invented to safely ship foods without refrigeration—a feature that has helped feed many people in the developing world—it is more familiarly used in the U.S. for convenience drinks. And while some environmentalists applaud the merits of aseptics, a number of important questions remain.


  • New Different
    KICKING THE MEAT HABIT McDonald’s beware, the Great American Meatout is March 20th! Across the country, display tables, receptions, food samplings and festivals will alert Americans in thousands of communities to the health and environmental benefits of a meatless diet. Participants “pledge to kick the meat habit and explore a more wholesome, less violent diet,” […]