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  • "Climate Disasters Cost The World $650 Billion Over 3 Years" February 18, 2019
    "Climate-related disasters have cost the world $650 billion over the last three years, and North America is shouldering most of the burden, according to a new report from Morgan Stanley." Climate ChangeDisastersEconomy & BusinessInternationalPublicSource: ,
  • "Trump Taps FEMA Official To Lead Agency" February 18, 2019
    "President Trump on Friday nominated Jeffrey Byard to lead the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after the previous administrator Brock Long resigned this week." Climate ChangeDisastersGovernmentNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • "Lyft Backs Legal Challenge To Trump Rollback Of Fuel Standards" February 18, 2019
    "Lyft is backing a legal challenge against a key part of the Trump administration’s plan to weaken fuel emissions standards for the auto industry." Climate ChangeEconomy & BusinessEnergy & FuelEnvironmental PoliticsLaws & RegulationsNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • "Arctic: Soot On Snow Speeds Up Warming. Here's Where It Comes From" February 18, 2019
    "Human emissions of greenhouse gases are driving rapid warming all over the globe — particularly in the Arctic, where temperatures are rising at about twice the global rate. But there's another form of carbon in the atmosphere that may also be playing a role." AirClimate ChangeEnergy & FuelAntarctica & Arctic PublicSource: ,
  • "Security: FERC Chairman Reconsiders Cyber Rules For Pipelines" February 18, 2019
    "Neil Chatterjee, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, yesterday rebuffed calls for mandatory cybersecurity standards for natural gas pipelines, citing improvement in the industry's effort to strengthen its defenses." DisastersEnergy & FuelEnvironmental PoliticsLaws & RegulationsMilitaryTechnologyTransportationNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • "Brazil Arrests 8 Vale Employees In Alleged Cover-Up In Dam Disaster" February 18, 2019
    "Brazilian police arrested eight employees of mining firm Vale SA on Friday, accused by state prosecutors of covering up weaknesses at a dam that collapsed and likely killed more than 300 people." DisastersLaws & RegulationsNatural ResourcesWater & OceansSouth AmericaPublicSource: ,
  • "13 Michigan Water Systems Flunk Federal Test For Excessive Lead" February 18, 2019
    "Thirteen Michigan water systems failed to meet federal standards for lead in drinking water in the last half of 2018, and seven of those systems had lead levels at least twice as high as the state will allow starting in 2025." ChemicalsEnvironmental HealthLaws & RegulationsPollutionWater & OceansGreat Lakes (IL IN MI MN OH WI)PublicSource: ,
  • "McConnell’s Opposition To Green New Deal Comes As He Backs Coal" February 18, 2019
    "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to put Democratic presidential candidates in an uncomfortable position by forcing them to vote on the controversial Green New Deal being pitched by rising Democratic star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But he also wants to promote his own long-held support for not-so-green measures." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelEnvironmental PoliticsLaws & RegulationsNational […]
  • Illinois Governor Orders Closing of Sterigenics Plant Over Toxic Gas February 18, 2019
    "Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration on Friday banned Sterigenics from using ethylene oxide at its Willowbrook sterilization plant, responding to an intense public outcry about toxic air pollution that left surrounding neighborhoods with some of the highest cancer risks in the nation." ChemicalsEnvironmental HealthEnvironmental PoliticsLaws & RegulationsPollutionGreat Lakes (IL IN MI MN OH WI)PublicSource: ,
  • Colo. Man Who Strangled Mountain Lion Describes Life-Or-Death Struggle February 15, 2019
    "A 31-year-old man who fended off and suffocated a mountain lion when it attacked him on a Colorado jogging trail last week described on Thursday how he killed the big cat by stepping on its throat during a life-and-death struggle." WildlifeMountain West (CO ID MT NV UT WY)PublicSource: ,

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  • Climate change could screw up homicide probes
    When people die, insects called blow flies are often the first on the scene. They lay eggs that develop into maggots, which offer evidence to homicide investigators. Picard: “If you can determine how old a maggot is that has been […] The post Climate change could screw up homicide probes appeared first on Yale Climate […]
  • Orlando gives away composting kits
    The average American consumer wastes more than half a pound of food each day. Those uneaten leftovers, vegetable peels, and overripe bananas often end up in landfills – where they emit methane, a potent climate-warming gas. Castro: “Food waste has […] The post Orlando gives away composting kits appeared first on Yale Climate Connections.
  • Teen makes moving plea for climate action
    This is one of those climate videos you’re likely to remember, have a hard time putting out of your thoughts. That applies in particular to 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg, who virtually stole the show and left some in the audience […] The post Teen makes moving plea for climate action appeared first on Yale Climate […]
  • Clean energy: The Northeast is back
    The Northeast is back. The results of a single governor’s race in Maine and legislature flips in two New England states in November mean the region is now poised to re-emerge as the clean energy powerhouse it had started to […] The post Clean energy: The Northeast is back appeared first on Yale Climate Connections.
  • Ice loss threatens indigenous way of life
    The Alaskan community of Kotzebue lies at the tip of a peninsula jutting into cold Arctic waters. Ulmer: “I had an elder tell me that in his 70 years, and in his father’s 91 years, there had never been a […] The post Ice loss threatens indigenous way of life appeared first on Yale Climate […]

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