Advice Dissent

Quit Passive Smoking Thank you for Alice Horrigan’s article, “The Smoking Gun” (cover story, September/October 1994). More bad news has now appeared. The Journal of the American Colleges of Cardiology recently reported that second-hand smoke will kill an estimated 47,000 people this year – and cause about 150,000 non-fatal heart attacks. These figures are 50 percent higher than any previously released. The cardiologists analyzed 1985 data and found that heart disease caused by other people’s cigarettes killed 62,000 and led to 200,000 heart attacks that year. The lower figures projected for this year take into account the greater restrictions on public smoking.

Smokers “rights” end when their smoke goes into my baby’s lungs. It’s time we got serious about stopping all public smoking. Charles StanfordBloomington, IN