Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

As this issue goes to press, the Paramount Classics/Participant Productions film An Inconvenient Truth, starring former Vice President Al Gore and directed by Davis Guggenheim, was opening widely in theaters around the country, and receiving an excellent critical reception. Featuring Gore’s illuminating roadshow on climate change, the film helps viewers understand the science behind global warming and challenges them to take action to mitigate it. To find where the film is playing, go to

E asked Laurie David, one of the film’s producers, about her recent work (which includes a TBS comedy special and HBO documentary) making climate science palatable to the public. "It has been my goal this year to permeate popular culture with this issue," she says. "I"m just using everything I can to take this issue off the science pages and put it on the front pages. My feeling is that if people don’t start demanding change, the government is not going to change. We have to reach everybody; we can’t keep talking to ourselves. I’ve given up on that strategy completely after the last election."