Broken Zippers Are No Longer A Problem

Zippers did not really changed that much from the first time they were invented so it is also natural that their original problems and issues also stayed the same. Below are some of the most common problems you will run into when using zippers:

Stuck Zipper

If a zipper is stuck, it will feel like it got caught on something. A stuck zipper might refuse to come down and you can’t do anything with your clothes until you get it fixed.

To fix a stuck zipper, get a graphite pencil then rub its tip on the zipper teeth. Do it again until it works. If it doesn’t work, a lubricant is your next best option. You can use lip balm or bar soap. Begin with the zipper pulled up then apply the lubricant little by little to the teeth. Inch down the zipper some more, apply the lubricant again and do it continuously until the zipper has come down.

Zipper Teeth Pop Open or Don’t Close

Another annoying issue with zippers is if the teeth don’t close. There are several reasons behind this problem. There are times when following the steps above can smooth out the teeth for them to work again.

In case it doesn’t work, the issue might lie on the slider. Check again to ensure that no thread or piece of cloth is stuck in the zipper. Check the individual teeth. When you see some sticking teeth, use a pliers to return them to place and make them straight again.

If the teeth are clean and straight, check the slider. The slider will start to come apart after some time and when this happens, it won’t be able to clinch the teeth together. Use the pliers to close the slider together until it can catch the teeth once again.

When it comes to jeans, there might be a more complicated solution. If you could, you have to remove the metal bumper found at the bottom then use stitches as a replacement or tie it off at the center if the bottom teeth are already missing. Sadly, this will only work if you can reach the bottom bumper of the pants’ zipper.

If this doesn’t work or the design of your pants doesn’t let you reach the entire zipper run, it might be high time to look for replacement zipper options via While replacing a zipper is something you can do on your own with just some thread, scissors or pliers, it won’t cost you that much to let a tailor do the job for you.

Broken Slider

When the zipper slider has completely broken off or you have to replace it as it no longer closes the teeth properly, the slider should be replaced. To remove the slider, cut it off using some pliers. After this, attach the brand new zipper slider through sliding this back to the teeth and you are done.

Slider replacement is quite simple and will only take you a few minutes.