How Green Is That…Bouquet? Shop for Sustainable Blooms in Stores or Online

Doing the traditional flower bouquet for a loved one or two this Valentine’s Day? Take a little extra time to ensure that it’s been grown without harming people or the planet. On a local level, look for bouquets bearing VeriFlora certification from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. That means the flowers support healthy ecosystems and fair wages for workers. Or you can search for the perfect buds from these green online retailers:

1. California Organic Flowers: It may be chilly wherever you live, but it’s sunny in California, where California Organic Flowers grows lovely organic anemones, dianthus, dahlias and ornamental peppers for one-of-a-kind bouquets ($47.95 and up).

2. Organic Bouquet: Buy a bunch of roses, daisies or other blooms ($39.95-$74.95) from Organic Bouquet’s Flowers for Good™ program and you’ll not only support USDA-certified growers and fair trade working conditions worldwide, but 5% of your purchase will go to support a charity cause.

3. Flowerbud: Flowerbud has lots of Veriflora-certified bouquets available ($69 and up), from red and white winter tulips to purple irises and lemonade lilies.