Greener Coffee Companies

Audubon Coffee, (800)829-1300, Handled by the Rogers Family Company, Audubon-branded coffee is 100 percent organic, shade grown and habitat friendly.

Café Canopy, (858)449-4033, Offers shade-grown, organic coffees certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center’s standards.

Café Campesino, (888)532-4728, Specializes in organic, Fair Trade coffee directly imported from single locations, as opposed to blends.

Caffe Sanora, (512)732-8300, Organic coffee that is roasted using a patented method to preserve more natural antioxidants.

Dean’s Beans, (800)325-3008, All Dean’s coffees are 100 percent organic and Fair Trade and support small-scale assistance projects in producing regions.

Equal Exchange, (781)830-0303, The U.S.’s oldest and largest Fair Trade seller, Equal Exchange offers a range of certified goods from coffee and tea to chocolate and t-shirts.

Grounds for Change, (800)796-6820, This Pacific Northwest-based company hand roasts organic, fair trade and shade-grown coffee to order, and offsets its greenhouse gases from operations.

Jim’s Organic Coffee, (866)546-7674, Jim’s was one of the first to roast organic coffee, and continues to offer 100 percent organic, shade-grown coffee that is bought at fair prices. Donates to Child Aid, WaterAid and other charitable efforts.

Peace Coffee, (888)324-7872, All coffees are shade grown, organic and Fair Trade.

Thanksgiving Coffee Company, (800)648-6491, Sells shade-grown, organic and Fair Trade coffees, as well as other "cause coffee," such as a line aimed at ending the embargo against Cuba and one from a Ugandan co-op of Jewish, Muslim and Christian farmers.

Wild Forest Coffee, (503)263-4284, Diego Llach’s El Salvador coffee is grown under Rainforest Alliance principles.