How Technology Can Help Your Business Become More Energy Efficient

If you’re looking for areas in which you can find significant savings in your business, then energy is an important area to look at. Energy consumption happens on such a large scale in business that it’s easy to just accept that it’s a big expense and pay the bills when they come through, but if you look at it in more detail, you’ll see there are significant savings to be had.

By reviewing your business’s energy consumption, and using technology to help you, you can find significant savings and boost the energy efficiency of your company.

Why Is Energy Efficiency So Important?

Simply put, energy is expensive, and businesses use a lot of it. Companies are constantly trying to find savings in all areas of their business, but when it comes to energy, they’re often profligate with it.

This doesn’t only hurt a business’s balance books, but it can also potentially damage its image. The world has limited resources, and consumers are eager to see big businesses respecting this fact by trying to be more energy efficient. If your business isn’t making strides to limit the amount of energy it consumes, this could have repercussions for its sales.

However, there’s plenty of technology out there to help you use your energy more efficiently, saving you valuable money, and helping to enhance your reputation.

Here are some of the benefits.

A Clearer Picture of Costs 

Many businesses have such big energy costs, and so many sources of energy consumption that it’s extremely difficult to know what is running efficiently and what isn’t. Modern Building Energy Management Systems help all businesses to better understand energy consumption in their buildings and manage it to best fit the environment.

While the costs of this software have meant that BEMSs were limited to big companies, the technology has become much more standardised and allowed smaller businesses to benefit. Through a BEMS. businesses can actively monitor energy consumption from sources like lights, heating, and ventilation to find crucial energy savings.

Small tweaks to the way your business consumes energy might not even be noticed by the people working, and yet they can have a big impact on your energy consumption over a year.

Advanced Warning of Peak Energy Times

There are certain times in the year where national energy consumption peaks and businesses who use excessive amounts of energy during these times can be charged extra costs. These costs reflect the extra strain these businesses put on the national energy system, however, there are ways of limiting your energy consumption during these periods.

Certain software can predict when these peak periods are likely to be, allowing your business to limit its energy consumption during the most expensive periods. By shifting your energy consumption around to avoid the most expensive periods, you can find big savings on your energy bill.

As well as reducing your costs, this also helps to relieve some of the pressure on the national grid, ensuring a stable supply of energy.

Save Money on Renewals

As James Longley, MD at Utility Bidder says, “navigating the business energy market is a complex process.” Big businesses don’t want to be spending all their time researching the best energy deals, but this is what providers rely on with auto renewals.

If you look around for the best deals, then it’s more than likely you will find there are big savings to be made. There are really handy platforms from which companies can compare business energy quotes these days, so it’s easy to find out if you’re on the best deal.

There’s no need to be paying over the odds for your business energy, but there are many companies that are. Get online and find out if you could be getting a better deal.

Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility  

Being aware of energy consumption fits into a business’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Companies, both big and small, have a responsibility towards the communities they exist in, and using energy more responsibly is a part of this.

The vast majority of businesses can use technology to significantly improve their energy efficiency, but many fail to take on the responsibility. However, finding ways to be more energy efficient has many benefits, and can significantly help your company’s image.

If your competitors are being wasteful with energy, then take the opportunity to be a leader. You can make this a big part of your brand identity and use it to promote your business.