How to Properly Prepare For Your Next Outdoor Adventure 

If you are like many adrenaline junkies out there, you can’t go long without thinking about your next hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, road trip, or camping experience. As they look forward to the next epic experience, most outdoor enthusiasts are always gathering supplies and looking for tips to make the next one more epic than the previous one. However, this only comes naturally if you are an experienced and passionate outdoor adventure lover. If you are a newbie in this respect, worry not because you are not alone. Many others like you could use a few pointers regarding destinations, packing, safety, comfort, survival, fun activities, and everything in between.


The truth is, a successful and regarding outdoor adventure requires one to consider a wide range of factors including the aforementioned ones. To avoid missing anything, it is essential to start planning as early as you can, preferably ticking out items from a checklist. To make the planning process less daunting for you, here are some tips on how to prepare for your next outdoor adventure.

1. Scout the Location

Of course, you can’t embark on any journey without a defined destination. Unless that’s the kind of adventure you are looking for, the first crucial step is to understand the adventure location. This entails understanding your destination, the routes, and the means to get there. In this respect, consider doing research on some of the most exciting adventure destinations within your area and beyond before settling for one. While at it, consider finding as much information about the areas as possible, including:

  • The terrain
  • The locals
  • Weather patterns
  • Wildlife and other threats
  • The routes

Depending on the kind of adventure you are going for, the location or destination will have a huge impact on the rest of your preparation and planning process. Especially from travel review websites, adventure blogs, and local government sites, the internet will provide a wealth of helpful information and resources.

2. Determine the Gear and Supplies You Need 

Outdoor adventures such as camping or hiking will always involve some level of risk or challenges. This is what makes them exciting and adrenaline-spiking. When preparing for an adventure, it is important to think about the supplies you need and what to pack so you don’t have heavy luggage that slows you down. You also don’t want to end up with a sore back or excessively hurting shoulders during or after your trip.

This is why it pays to only pack stuff that you will actually use or might need urgently. Based on your needs, the folks at recommend going for lightweight gear that is easy to pack and carry. These will include gear that will help improve your adventure experience, including clothing, footwear, navigating devices, pocket knife, flashlight, and so forth depending on your needs.

You may also require specific gear for certain activities. For instance, you will need a kayak if you intend to have some fun in the water while enjoying other activities during your adventure. In this case, an inflatable kayak will make more sense.

3. Get Physically (And Mentally) Prepared 

While most of them are incredibly fun, outdoor adventures can be extremely tiresome at times. The level of fatigue will all depend on the activities you engage in. To reduce the strain and make it easy for you, it pays to engage in physical exercise before your adventure, preferably a few weeks. This prepares your breathing system, cardiovascular system, and body muscles with the stamina you need to undertake the upcoming physically challenging activities without collapsing or suffering intense muscle pain. While at it, be sure to take healthy meals that provide you with more energy. Below are some helpful exercises you can take up to boost body stamina when preparing for an adventure trip.

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Crunches
  • Skipping rope
  • Mountain climber

4. Be Prepared For the Unexpected 


When on a road trip, hike, camping trip, or any other outdoor adventure, there is always a chance that the unimaginable could happen. Danger could present itself in various forms, from a bug bite to a serious fall while rock climbing, or a graze on your skin when traversing the terrain. Based on the kind of adventure you are going for and the location, it is safer to be prepared in case of an emergency. To ensure your safety and wellness, some things to pack should include:

  • Extra water
  • Firestarters
  • A compass
  • A solar phone charger/power bank
  • A map 
  • A compass 
  • Knives
  • A solar-charging flashlight
  • Sunscreen
  • Blue spray
  • Snacks
  • Warm clothing and rain protection

An occasional outdoor adventure allows you the opportunity to connect with nature, make new friends, and make the bond between you and your loved one stronger. While jogging up your adrenaline levels and having fun, the activity also benefits your fitness levels, mental wellness, and overall health. However, all this is only possible if you are well prepared beforehand. Hopefully, the few tips above will guide and equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills you can use to plan and make your upcoming outdoor adventure epic and successful.