Monitor electricity usage to maximize savings with this energy conservation app.
Between air conditioning in the summer, heating in the winter, and the proliferating use of electronics—now smart phones, laptops, and flat screen TVs as much as refrigerators and microwaves—the average family’s electrical use is not only increasing, it’s getting more complicated. But Zerogate’s MeterRead app for iPhone and iPad can help ease the process of energy conservation by providing a simple way to monitor consumption. When calibrated to a home’s electrical meter, MeterRead can be used to predict energy usage in the future based on the individual appliances or electronics in that home. So the actual savings—both in energy and money—can be calculated when greening a home with energy efficient light bulbs or a new toaster oven or when cutting down on electrical use altogether.

Use MeterRead to double-check a bill from the power company, or to calculate the cost-effectiveness of thermal insulation during the summer. MeterRead even allows the user to compare current electrical use with past records making the results of energy conservation even easier to see.

Price: $2.99