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Does your holiday spirit include a little “green” consciousness? What better way to share your commitment to the environment than through your holiday gift-giving? Of course, we think you should start off by giving everyone on your list an E Magazine subscription, but for a little something more under the tree, we have compiled a list of products and services that will help to make your holiday a green one.

—Anne W. Wilke


GreenBeing Earth Friendly Custom-Filled Gift Baskets are a great way to introduce that special someone to environmentally safe products. Select from a set of 13 pre-designed gift baskets or create your own special basket filled with items like organic coffee, jams and pastas, rainforest nuts and chocolates, acid-free stationery, natural fiber towels and personal-care products. Prices range from $29.95 to $74.95. For a catalog and ordering information, contact:

411 Prospect Street
Nutley, NJ 07110
Tel: (800) 956-8811



Featuring an eclectic array of musical talents including Bonnie Raitt, The Indigo Girls and various Native American artists, the Honor the Earth CD was launched to raise funds for the Honor the Earth campaign. With the goal of increasing awareness of indigenous environmental issues and the sustainability of native communities, the campaign is currently focusing on the protection of sacred sites and acting against the Timber Salvage Rider. The double-CD is more than a good listen; it offers real insight into the problems indigenous people and the Earth are facing. Available in stores for $19.98 or contact:

Honor the Earth
P.O. Box 75423
St. Paul, MN 55101
Tel: (800) EARTH-07

—Amy Shellenberger


For the world traveler on your list, Moon Travel Handbooks provide plenty of interesting tidbits about intriguing vacation possibilities. From climate to campsites and flora and fauna to local fashions, this series includes spots in North America, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. These guides contain in-depth descriptions of cities and regions, engaging photographs and maps and affordable accommodations that will assure an eventful vacation. Available in bookstores for $10 to $30, or contact:

Moon Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 3040
Chico, CA 95927-3040
Tel: (800) 345-5473



Why give young video-heads another Disney movie, when you can give The Friendly Forest Club Wolves video. Live footage and engaging questions about wolves enable young ones to discern facts from sensational stories through explanations that tell, for example, why wolves howl most during a full moon. Quizzes and games throughout the video challenge kids to use the knowledge they’ve just learned. The video is available for $19.45 postpaid from:

The Friendly Forest Club
P.O. Box 420549
Houston, TX 77242
Tel: (888) 337-4363



This holiday, when giving your family and friends gifts straight from the heart, why not contribute to the livelihood of a Third World artisan? Ten Thousand Villages, formerly SelfHelp Crafts, purchases crafts and artwork from other countries and brings these authentic, cultural works to stores across the U.S. Affordable, handcrafted items like Pakistani onyx candleholders, Indian bookends and Bangladeshi jewelry not only bring awareness to the economic struggles in developing countries, but also provide a viable income for these craftspeople. For catalog and store locations, contact:

Ten Thousand Villages
704 Main Street
P.O. Box 500,
Akron, PA 17501-0500
Tel: (800) 592-7238



If you prefer to stay away from the mall shuffle and do your holiday shopping in the comfort of your own home, the GREENBEAN gift catalogue is the place to look. Gathering products made by eco-friendly businesses, GREENBEAN makes it easy to find gifts like non-toxic household cleaning products and personal items, recycled office and school supplies, natural fiber bags and hand-crafted birdfeeders, stationery and bookends. For a catalog and ordering information, contact:

P.O. Box 998
Lancaster, PA 17608
Tel: (800) 450-6368



Transcending borders and cultures, Women in the Material World by Faith D’Aluisio and Peter Menzel, captures the diverse and complex lives of 21 women from 19 countries around the globe. This collection of photos and interviews addresses topics like marriage, family, economic status, education and employment, and casts an introspective eye on the future of womanhood. Available in book stores or for $41 postpaid from:

Sierra Club Store
85 2nd Street, 2nd Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel: (800) 935-1056



Make room on your book shelf for Nature Company’s Guides to Rocks and Fossils, Natural Gardening, Weather and Birding. Each guide contains colorful diagrams, pictures, reference charts and comprehensive information for adults and students alike. Rocks and Fossils explores fossil exploration from the time when dinosaurs roamed the planet to the present day, and shows how readers can start their own fossil collections right in their own backyards. Additional guidebooks include Nature Travel, The Walkers Companion and Skywatching. Available for $29.95 (plus postage and handling) at bookstores, The Nature Company stores or from:

Time Life Books
777 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Tel: (800) 277-8844



At long last, a radio that requires neither batteries nor extension cords! The Freeplay radio derives its energy from a clockwork internal generator that works through manual winding—20 seconds of winding provides 30 minutes of battery-free music. The radio picks up AM, FM and SW stations and only requires a simple wind-up when the power expires. Available for $102 postpaid from:

BayGen USA
80 Amity Road
Warwick, NY 10990
Tel: (800) WIND-234



For the person on your list who has it all, look to Resource Revival for something “out-of-the-ordinary,” like picture frames made from recycled bike chains and tire tubes, sprocke

t or bearing ring napkin holders and rubber suspenders. Collecting materials from over 100 bike shops across the country, Resource Revival utilizes recycled bicycle gears, chains, tire tubes and more to create fun and functional products and furniture. Five percent of the company’s pre-tax profits go to non-profit organizations. For a catalog, contact:

Resource Revival
2130 NW 29th Avenue
Portland, OR 97210
Tel: (800) 866-8823