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Most of us worry about contaminants in our drinking water, but what about our baths and showers? According to the American Journal of Public Health, taking a 15-minute bath is the equivalent of absorbing the pollutants from drinking a quart of the same water. And the vapors inhaled during a hot shower can carry chlorine (which causes dry skin and brittle hair, and has been linked to colon and bladder cancer) directly into the bloodstream via the lungs. NewMarket Naturals has a solution called The April Shower Filter, which removes up to 99 percent of bathing water chlorine, using a replaceable cartridge with a one-year lifespan. .


The kit, which includes a chlorine test kit,
the filter itself and a solid brass energy-saver shower head,
is $54.95 postpaid from:

NewMarket Naturals
275 Huntsville Road
Suite 7
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Tel: (800)873-4321

—Jim Motavalli


How would you like to take a total immersion course in the sustainable lifestyle? Aprovecho Research Center can provide the skills for everything from building an organic garden to ethically harvesting wild mushrooms in its 10-week internship program. In a solar-powered, 40-acre setting of strawbale dormitories, organic meals, and fresh Oregon air, interns from 17 to 65 learn about appropriate technology, permaculture, alternative building techniques, organic agriculture and sustainable forestry. It’s rigorous, with plenty of hands-on experience in the gardens and forests surrounding the center. Tuition is $1,800, including room and board.


Aprovecho Research Center
80574 Hazelton Road
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Tel: (541)942-8198

—Jennie Greenburg


Not many summer camps can change your life, but that’s often what happens to kids who spend a week with Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!). The camps, held between May and August in 11 diverse settings around the country, bring young people from all over the world together for an intensive seven-day environmental workshop. YES! Camps focus on building sustainable living skills, promoting racial equality, boosting self-confidence, and organizing for the Earth. Speakers include Randall Hayes of Rainforest Action Network, John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, and David Brower, the environmental movement’s elder statesman. “I learned more about what really matters to me in one hour at YES! Camp than I did in all of ninth grade,” says Amy Holstine of Centerville, Ohio. CONTACT:


YES! Camps
420 Bronco Road
Soquel, CA 95073
Tel: (408)662-0793



“Octy,” a hip octopus, is the spokesanimal for a new company, Octy Wear, that markets unique apparel primarily to children. “Octy” promotes the company’s t-shirts, towels, reusable lunch bags and hats with printed tags that offer green fairytales, plus a bevy of eco-conscious facts and tips. Octy Wear sales plant trees and sponsor coral reefs, and 10 percent of the company’s pre-tax profits are donated to organizations that work to protect the world’s oceans. “One of our highest-paid executives is the Earth,” says President Michael Traa. CONTACT:


Octy Wear
PO Box 99757
San Diego, CA 92169



Most readers of E Magazine probably take little pleasure in killing things, but it’s hard not to have homicidal thoughts towards the fire ant, a voracious non-native species that has been spreading through the U.S. since its accidental introduction from South America in the 1930s. Fire ants destroy property, kill animals and injure people. Heitman Laboratories’ Solar Ant Charmer is an ingenious non-toxic device that traps ants in its toilet-like bowl, after they’re attracted by solar-generated electricity. Thousands can be killed, and the colony destroyed, within 30 minutes, all without harmful chemicals or baits.


The Solar Ant Charmer is $95.95 postpaid from:
Heitman Laboratories
2000 North Central Expressway, Suite 109
Plano, TX 75074
Tel: (800)472-5024



With summer comes beach days, blooming gardens and, yes, the bustling whirlwind of wedding arrangements. To make wedding planning easier and greener, Carol Reed-Jones’ Green Weddings That Don’t Cost the Earth is loaded with tips on everything from vegetarian wedding feasts and natural fiber gowns and tuxedos, to recycled napkin companies, organic florists and other eco-tips for pulling off that memorable occasion. Green Weddings also provides resources for eco-conscious wedding gifts, non-toxic beauty care and even eco-travel destinations for the honeymoon. The author also publishes the quarterly Green Weddings Newsletter ($4 per year).


Available for $12.95 postpaid from:
Paper Crane Press,
PO Box 29292,
Bellingham, WA 98228-1292
Tel: (800)356-9315

—Tracey C. Rembert