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Chipboard Cover-up

Musician and designer Bruce Licher runs Independent Project Press, a small company dedicated to producing recycled—and recyclable—CD covers from packaging-grade chipboard. “I like the industrial look of it,” says Licher, “and I like recycling something that's usually thrown away.” IPP operates a hand letterpress, and custom produces jackets for a variety of customers (like World Domination Records, and R.E.M., which is currently using an IPP jacket for its Christmas discs). Songwriter Suzanne McDermott, who's packaging her new EP in recycled cardboard with soy-based inks, asks, “Why don't more musicians care about this?”


PO Box 1033
Sedona, AZ 86339
Tel: (520) 204-1332

Jim Motavalli

The Russian Front

For some, the thought of Russia inspires images of chaotic politics, classic literature and harsh seasons. If Russian Conservation News succeeds, people may identify Russia with its biological riches instead of its stereotypes. The quarterly journal is written by local experts, covering topics from endangered Snow leopards to Moldovian forests and wolf conservation.


For subscription information:
Russian Conservation News
Pocono Environment Education Center
Box 1010
Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328
Tel: (717) 828-2319

Alan Mitchell

Mad Eating Habits

Last year, E reported on the mysterious single-celled animal Pfiesteria piscicida, which has been killing fish in North Carolina rivers (see “Watch Out for Killer Algae,” Currents, March/April 1996). The microscopic predator, a species of phytoplankton, is reportedly turned into a killer by the hog waste spills that clog the state's rivers, making people exposed to it very sick indeed. The full story, right from the pages of a sci-fi novel, is told in And the Waters Turned to Blood, a new science thriller by Rodney Barker.

And in Deadly Feasts, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes explores the frightening family of afflictions that includes Mad Cow disease (see “Mad Cows and the Colonies,” July/August 1996). Rhodes unmasks the deadly practice of recycling animal proteins and the related spread of lethal diseases—while assessing our chances of avoiding an epidemic. Both books, published by Simon and Schuster, are $24 at bookstores nationwide.

Jim Motavalli and Tracey Rembert

Green Cartology

Just moved from Boulder, Colorado to New York City and want to know where all the green things are? Check out The Green Apple Map, a full-color, folding guide to more than 700 environmentally connected sites in the city. Green Apple Map creator Wendy Brawer, designer in residence at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York, has also produced eco-maps of Copenhagen, Montreal, Athens (Georgia), and Utrecht and Gouda, Holland. A total of 27 cities are planning Green Maps, and the works in progress can be viewed on the World Wide Web at:


Modern World Design
157 Ludlow Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10002
Tel: (212) 674-1631


Cool Runnings

The dream eco-home may be out of reach for many, but decorating your interior in eco-style is right at your fingertips—with the help of Earth Runnings. The company offers the first 100 percent hemp shower curtain (mold and mildew-resistant), and natural fiber (hemp, organic cotton gauze and flax) pillows, bedspreads, throws, cushions and cases. It also uses buckwheat hulls and kapok seed pod fiber as the stuffing for its pillows and cushions. Children's hemp and organic cotton accessories, window treatments, blinds and hand block-printed fabric will be available within the year.


Earth Runnings
PO Box 3027
Taos, NM 87571
Tel: (505) 758-5703


Stuff It!

What do coffee, T-shirts and computers have in common? They're all items commonly puchased by consumers which have hidden environmental costs. Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things by John C. Ryan and Alan Thein Durning “exposes the secret side of consumption by looking at everyday items—a cup of coffee, a newspaper, a car,” documenting what happens in their before, here and afterlife. Did you know that making a car expends as much energy as driving it 13,000 miles; or that producing a cheeseburger requires 700 gallons of water? You will.


Available for $11.95 postpaid from:
Northwest Environment Watch
1402 Third Avenue, Suite 1127
Seattle, WA 98101-2118
Tel: (888) 643-9820


This Dope is Legal

Two Star Dog, the essence of hemp couture, has created a body care line, aptly named Body Dope. Incorporating botanicals like hemp seed oil, mandarin orange oil, cinnamon, clove and aloe vera, the company's shampoos, conditioners, lip salves and lotions ($3.50 to $12.95) can be purchased on the web at, and gift sets are available for $55, including shipping, from their headquarters. A new line of massage oil, exfoliating mud and shower gel will be available this fall.


Two Star Dog
1370 10th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
Tel: (510) 525-1100