Our Agony Over Animals

Editor’s Note: The September/October 1995 Cover Story elicted such a huge reader response that this issue’s letters section is devoted entirely to it.

I’ve spent years reading liberal journals which ignore animal rights issues (or even ridicule them). The time has come for people who care about human injustices to acknowledge that they are not the only species on this Earth. In “Our Agony Over Animals,” Deborah Rephan of Greenpeace makes the statement that “animal rights activists don’t focus on the bigger picture,“but that simply isn’t true. Most animal rights people I know care passionately about our environment, are current on the issues, and want to fight for a healthy planet. Environmentalists who disdain animal rights activists baffle me. There is a lack of empathy here that drives them to champion the Earth and turn their backs on individual creatures. Your article was thorough, respectful treatment of the schism between animal rights and environmentalism.