Trim, Flush, Relax


According to one report, operating a typical weed whacker for an hour is the emissions equivalent of driving a car 21 hours, as evidenced by the fumes spewing out the back. The Lehr Eco-Trimmer ($200) keeps the power and ditches the pollution. While the weed whacker has a high-winding, 25 cc, four-stroke motor, the fuel is propane that comes from the sort of tank used on camping grills. Thus, no choking smoke or evil smells as one attacks the unsightly undergrowth. It’s strong enough to take down vines and tough weed shoots. Even its noise-pollution level is relatively muted. There are electric trimmers on the market that also won’t leave a polluting haze over the yard, but the requisite long power cord can be problematic for some. —Chris Hodenfield



It’s tricky to write about toilets without discussing what goes in them. But let’s just say that if yours is not a household comfortable with the notion “if it’s yellow, let it mellow,” yet you’re concerned about water conservation, then the Perfect Flush ($148) is for you. Its dual-flush technology allows the user to determine whether a full or half tank of water is needed to cleanse the bowl of its contents. It is easy to install, compatible with all existing toilets and purports to reduce your toilet’s overall water use by 30-50%. —Jessica Rae Patton

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Miami-based designer Facundo Poj has launched a new line of handcrafted furniture called Machine 87. The pieces are made of “Plyboo,” or bamboo plywood, and are finished with beeswax. Assembly is a simple groove joint system—no tools, hardware or glue required for simple, aesthetically pleasing, Modernist-inspired home furnishings. The collection includes both adult and children’s pieces in the $250-$600 price range. —J.R.P.

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