How PPS Established An Environmentally-friendly Lighting System

Originally situated on the Grimsby Docks following their establishment over 25 years ago, returnable packaging service company PPS East have come a long way over the years. Recently, they purchased a 75,000 square foot warehouse in Marchington, East Staffordshire to renovate into a wash site to help continue the company’s growth. The challenge of lighting a building so big may have appeared as a daunting prospect to many, but PPS were keen to establish a more efficient and environmentally-friendly lighting system. The Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source that has proven beneficial over the dated incandescent device. The first blue LED light was invented back in 1993, transforming lighting technology forever. Providing a lower energy consumption and offering a longer life span, the LED also provides greater robustness.

In 2014, the inventors were awarded the Noble Prize for creating a modern energy saving light source. PPS Operations Directory Andy Flynn commented: “Our business is focused on building environmentally friendly supply chains so it was essential that we took this approach to building the correct infrastructure with the new warehouse and its refurbishments.” He added: “Having understood the benefits and cost savings that we would incur, it was also important to review this from a health and safety angle. Poor workplace illumination could lead to accidents, ill health and fatigue in workers. The LED lamps emit a bright white light that provides a safe working environment for our staff who operate machinery 24 hours a day.” PPS are driven to creating greener supply chains across various industries. The installation reduced the company’s Co2 emissions by 47,438 KGCo2 per year – the equivalent to a 13 watt CF light bulb being lit continuously for 8.78 years. This allows PPS to achieve a full return on their investment within two years. This new site provided PPS with an efficient warehouse that has enabled them to meet their growing customer demand.

Having a second machine has allowed them to increase capacity now that they run a 24/7 shift pattern. Not only has this lighting provided both an excellent cost saving to PPS for the future but it has also reduced their carbon footprint. The company are keen to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This interview with Managing Director Joanne Moss back in June further highlights some of the things PPS are doing to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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