Premium Program

  • Would your organization like to substantially increase membership and donations?
  • Would you like your current members to donate more?
  • Have you lost members or donors that you’d like to win back?

E – The Environmental Magazine can help!

Join the growing list of U.S. and Canadian environmental nonprofits that use E Magazine as a “PREMIUM INCENTIVE” to raise funds and build membership.


A “PREMIUM INCENTIVE” is a gift you offer potential members or donors as an enticement to support your organization. Many nonprofit groups and public TV and radio stations give away music CDs, tote bags or coffee mugs, but in our field they don’t do much to promote the cause, and are quickly forgotten and packed away.

Instead, potential members or donors will jump at the chance to receive E – The Environmental Magazine as a benefit of joining or donating to your organization. Every other month your supporters will enjoy a mailbox full of well-written, provocative and enlightening articles concerned with the foremost topic of our time — and they’ll be reminded of your work each time a new issue of E arrives.

In fact, we can guarantee that offering FREE E subscriptions ($29.95 value each) as benefits of membership in your organization will help you increase membership, increase donations — and probably both.

This is truly a ‘win-win’ program that will enable your nonprofit organization to recruit more members and raise more funds — while enabling E Magazine (also nonprofit) to increase its readership and educate more people on the issues.

Put E to work for you in any of 3 ways:

  1. You can simply offer a free one-year subscription (“$29.95 value!”) for becoming a member of your organization for the very first time at basic membership rate; or
  2. Offer a subscription for becoming a member at a particular higher-than-basic membership rate. That is, if basic membership is $25, offer E only to people who increase their contribution to $50;
  3. E subscriptions can also be given away to individuals who renew their membership, or who do so at a higher level of contribution than their last contribution.

Dozens of nonprofit organizations — from small, locally-focused groups like the Illinois Student Environmental Coalition, to high-profile national organizations like the Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) — have used E in one or more of these ways just described. In fact, in a recent fundraising campaign, 49% of respondents gave CHEJ $50 or more when E was offered, compared to just 16% when E was not offered. The E premium clearly made a difference!

It’s a simple, 3-step process:

  • Decide first how you could maximize the use of free E subscriptions in your outreach efforts (i.e. first time membership, renewals, higher-than basic rate, etc?).
  • State your offer in your postal mailing or e-mailing or on your website (or in your telemarketing or canvassing campaign), i.e. “FREE subscription to E – The Environmental Magazine for donations of $xx or more!” (We’ll provide descriptive copy about E and pictures of our covers for artwork.)
  • Once your responses are in, send us the names and addresses of each person who accepted the offer — along with just $6 for each 1-year subscription. *

(Note: While you do spend $6 for each member who qualifies for a subscription, remember that each of those $6 payments is much more than offset by the amount of donation you received as a result. And, rest assured that the $6 we receive for each subscription is only covering E’s costs to print and mail a year’s worth of E).

* Note: We regret that, due to the high costs of international postage, organizations must remit $16 (U.S.) for any subscriptions mailed to Canadian addresses and $36 (U.S.) for any subscriptions mailed outside the U.S. or Canada.

Here’s what we’ll do:

1) Once you send us the names with payment, we’ll start each donor’s full year (6 issues) subscription right away.

2) AND we’ll mail them each a GIFT CARD that announces to your donor that a subscription has been entered in their name— as a gift from your organization. This puts your name in front of them one more time, and thanks them again for their donation. View Card.

Get started today on the road to more members and more donors to your important efforts. 
Signing up is E-asy: 
Fill out the PREMIUM PROGRAM Enrollment Form.. Once we receive it, we will send you a confirmation that includes: 

  • A re-cap of the program details described above.
  • Artwork (magazine covers, logos) and descriptive copy about E for you to use at your option in your campaigns.
  • Forms for sending us names and addresses of individuals to receive subscriptions.
  • Any additional questions can be submitted to or by calling Doug Moss, E’s Publisher at 203-854-5559/x106.

We look forward to your partnership!