Some Wonderful DIY Ideas For Revamping Your Garden

Taking care of a garden is no easy task. It requires patience, dedication and also courage. It is not as easy as just planting some flowers and letting them bloom. It takes work and love to make all those plants grow the way you want them to.

However, if you really want to have a unique garden you need to employ some imagination. A landscape gardener can revamp your garden really well, but it is the satisfaction that you get from doing it by yourself that makes all the difference.

Here are some great DIY ways that you can revamp your garden if you are fresh out of ideas of your own.

Recycle Old Furniture

A great way to give your garden a unique touch is to use some old furniture and upcycle it as garden decorations. You can use anything in fact but old chairs seem to work the best. Old shelves and small desks are also a good idea and you can fashion them within your garden perfectly.

The only downside is that it does not last forever. You can repaint them and try to make them waterproof but it will eventually break down due to the elements of the outside. Nevertheless, it still works great and you can change as often as you want.

Tiered Planters

Using tiered plants, such as ladders, is a great way to maximize ground space. If you have some old ones that you don’t use it works even better. You can simply repaint them so they match the overall design of your garden and put pots of plants on them.

Of course, you can buy all of them in a local store but it wouldn’t be much of a DIY solution, wouldn’t it. Think about this when you realize that you have a lot of plants in your garden and what you need to save up on space.

Fold-Up Furniture

No garden is complete with some furniture where you can sit and soak up the sunshine with your friends. Additionally, you can enjoy the green of the garden and all the plants you have planted yourself. The best type of garden furniture is the fold-up kind. Not only does it save space but it is also easier to move when it rains.

You can also use some old ones from the inside that you don’t really need anymore. Just place it in front and organize everything well and in no time you will have yourself a beautiful garden decorations.

Expand Your Garden with a Mirror

A nifty little trick is making your garden look bigger with a mirror. If you have a corner of a garden where you previously didn’t have anything to put, you can add a waterproof mirror so it reflects the rest of the garden on it.

It looks really interesting and makes your garden not only fashionable but much vaster in the eye of the beholder.

Encourage Growth With Companion Plants

If you really want to make your garden bloom as vast as possible, consider adding companion plants. This one requires a little bit of research beforehand but the benefits of it are enormous. The idea is to find plants or flowers that basically work well together. It will encourage both or more types of plants to start growing together and in no time your garden will start showing improvements.

Overgrow on Purpose

This is sometimes harder to do than you actually think. But it is advice that many gardeners say should be done from time to time. The idea is to leave it all to nature and let it take its course. You don’t need to do any sheering or cutting or overplanting just make sure that your plants are fed and that they have everything that they need to allow them to grow wild.

For this you may also start thinking of getting some more durable and indestructible plants that can handle this sort of situation.