Taking the First Step to Going Green

GreenFaith, a New Jersey-based interfaith organization, helps diverse congregations take the first steps to environmental action and “going green”.
Across the country, GreenFaith, an interfaith coalition helps houses of worship make their buildings more environmentally sound and the members of their congregations more spiritually in tune with becoming better stewards of Creation. From workshops that invite people to explore their personal impact on the environment, to implementing recycling and composting, on up to the installation of solar panels, congregations are making remarkable strides.

As GreenFaith’s Executive Director says, “The hardest thing about taking action is sometimes just taking the first step.” The RENEWAL Project has been designed to make the documentary and its inspiring stories available to people and organizations who want to be a part of this growing movement to protect life on our planet and reverse the damage that humans have done to the environment.

On this website, www.renewalproject.net, you can learn about how RENEWAL is being used by communities across America to help build the religious-environmental movement. It is also a place for you to connect with others who are doing this important work and for you to share stories about your own experience.