Tarot Readings Vs. Psychic Reading – What’s The Difference?

Tarot card and psychic readings are hard for most to decide on because of how confusing they can be. They are similar in a way, but they also have slight differences which make them unique from each other. Most importantly, they are designed in order to help you understand the direction of your life and if there are changes you will need to make. But how do you know which one between the two is the best for you? That said, how do tarot and psychic readings both work?

Tarot Card Readings vs Psychic Readings

As the name suggests, a tarot card reading is meant to provide a certain meaning to your life through the reading and interpretation of tarot cards. While different types of cards are used for readings, they are all meant to provide answers to different questions you have about your life. That’s why you are likely going to find just the answers you need regardless of what you pull from the deck provided.

On the other hand, psychic readings are conducted by a psychic who is uniquely gifted and able to tap into someone’s energy to help map out their past, present, and future. This can be very beneficial for anyone considering how unpredictable life usually is. And the best part is that it positively affects you not only mentally but also emotionally.

The major difference between the two is that a tarot reading can be done by anyone while a psychic reading is done specifically by a psychic who uses a unique reading method for each client.

How They Work

Tarot and psychics readings don’t really work the same, although they are meant to provide solutions and answers. First, tarot readings are consistent with a deck of cards that fall under three categories, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual. All these symbolize different aspects of human life and are represented by a total of 78 cards. 22 are referred to as Major Arcana while the remaining 56 are Minor Arcana. 

The first 22 are used to indicate soul and life lessons that one is required to finish throughout their life. On the other hand, Minor Arcana is often made up of different suites known as swords, pentacles, cups, and wands; they are used for educating about different challenges and experiences about life. Both decks also consist of 16 Court cards that represent different personality traits.

Although there is no sure way of measuring psychic energy, this helps to give accurate readings. While it is assumed that psychics read the mind, they instead monitor the energy produced to determine what is blocked, weakened, or blocked.

Based on the different methods of how tarot card and psychic readings are done, there is no specific method of reading that is the best appropriate for anyone. They both vary depending on the questions being asked as well as the mindset. For instance, tarot readings involve a lot of stories and symbols that create metaphors used to ask questions during sessions.

A tarot reading could be your best bet if you have a generalized question if you want a general perspective about a concern you have. This not only helps you but also guides the psychic reader to tap into energies based on various circumstances about your life.

Dependence on Natural Instincts

Another significant difference between psychic readings and tarot readings is that tarot is not entirely independent. Usually, it is reliant on natural instincts as well as the advice of the intelligence that provides direction for the reader. On the other hand, a psychic reading can be independent but on the downside, it might not provide extensive information.

One is Slow-paced

A psychic reading might take more time to draw a conclusion or to provide answers and solutions when compared to a tarot reading. For tarot cards, all that is needed is a layout, however, having cards helps both you and the reader to focus and analyze different questions.


Usually, some readers use tarot to help get clarity and better understanding about issues while others don’t completely connect with it. Before deciding whether you want a tarot or psychic reading, it is important to determine whether you trust your reader or not. Are they trustworthy, ethical, and honest? If you can’t trust them, it might be best to find other alternatives. Both psychic and tarot readings are worth trying given their significant benefits but you don’t have to choose all. When making a decision, trust your intuition if you want to make the best selection.