Ancient Roots: Two Connecticut programs bring environmental education together with Jewish tradition

The Teva Learning Alliance and Adamah offer unique opportunities for Jewish environmental education. Ancient Roots At the Teva Learning Center, elementary school children encounter the natural world as they explore the woods, learn where their food comes from, and take responsibility for waste. At Adamah,

a three-month environmental leadership training program, a small community of twenty-somethings engage in organic farming, sustainable living,

and contemplative spiritual practice. These future leaders of the Jewish community offer an inspiring model to the Teva students. Together they are renewing the ecological wisdom inherent in Judaism and building a genuine commitment to tikkun olam, healing the world. The RENEWAL Project has been designed to make the documentary and its inspiring stories available to people and organizations who want to be a part of this growing movement to protect life on our planet and reverse the damage that humans have done to the environment. On this website,, you can learn about how RENEWAL is being used by communities across America to help build the religious-environmental movement.