Avoiding Aluminum

To cut your aluminum intake, follow these steps:

"Switch to stainless steel cookware (nonstick types have other toxins);
"Try aluminum-free deodorant;
"Reduce your consumption of tea, processed cheese, and aluminum-containing baking powder;
"When possible, breastfeed. Soy formula has the most aluminum.
"Invest in a water filter.

Dr. Robert Griffith, editor of the Santa Fe-based web journal Health and Age (http://www.HealthandAge.com), shares a few of the latest ideas in Alzheimer’s prevention:

"Anything that is good for the heart is good for Alzheimer"s, Griffith says, so keep your cholesterol low and cut calories, especially those that come from fat;
"A recent study showed walking every day cuts Alzheimer’s risk;
"Take antioxidants and Vitamin C and E together. Studies showthese supplements appear to have a protective effect for those at risk for Alzheimer’s disease;
"Consider the herb curcumin, which may help prevent Alzheimer"s;
"Eat more fruits and vegetables: they are full of antioxidants.