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  • "Next Thanksgiving, Smokey Bear Should Talk About Climate Change" December 1, 2023
    "Call me basic, but I love waking up on Thanksgiving morning and watching the Macy’s parade. Without fail, I’m enthralled by the pageantry and comforted by the tradition: the floats, the crowds, the Broadway dance numbers. Santa Claus. The last few years, though, one element has bothered me." Climate ChangeDisastersForestsJournalism & MediaNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • German Court Upholds Wiretaps Of Climate Activists' Calls To Press December 1, 2023
    "A court in Bavaria has ruled that police were right in wiretapping phone calls between members of the Last Generation climate activist group and journalists." Climate ChangeEnvironmental PoliticsJournalism & MediaLaws & RegulationsEuropePublicSource: ,
  • "As Temperatures Rise, Dengue Fever Spreads and Cases Rise" December 1, 2023
    "With temperatures and rainfall increasing, the mosquitoes that carry dengue viruses are extending their range. More than 4.5 million cases have been reported this year, and global climate models project an additional 2 billion people could be at risk of infection by 2080." Climate ChangeEnvironmental HealthInternationalPublicSource: ,
  • "Oregon’s Drinking Water Is at Risk From Clearcutting" December 1, 2023
    "The forests that blanket the foothills of the Coast Range are crucial to holding onto freshwater and keeping it drinkable. But for years, local residents have suspected that clearcutting by private logging companies in the area has endangered their precious freshwater resource. Now, a new joint report from NASA and Oregon-based nonprofit Oregon Wild confirms […]
  • "Disinformation Is One of Climate Summit’s Biggest Challenges" December 1, 2023
    "As the world’s leaders gather this week at a major summit to discuss ways to address the effects of global warming, one of the greatest obstacles they face is disinformation." "Online influencers, fossil fuel companies and some of the countries attending COP28 have nourished a feedback loop of falsehoods." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelEnvironmental PoliticsJournalism & […]
  • Climate Change Drives New Cases of Malaria, Complicating Disease Fight December 1, 2023
    "The number of malaria cases rose again in 2022, propelled by flooding and warmer weather in areas once free of the illness." Climate ChangeDisastersEnvironmental HealthPeople & PopulationInternationalAfricaPublicSource: ,
  • "Why The Return Of Sea Otters To Canada’s West Coast Is Making Waves" December 1, 2023
    "The group of otters floats between amber stalks of kelp, preening their coats and foraging for urchins. Sheltered in a natural bay off Haida Gwaii, one of the most unforgiving coastlines on the west coast of Canada, the skittish mammals are hidden – from the fast-moving currents, and from groups that have pledged to shoot […]
  • "Hundreds Of New Oil And Gas Projects Approved Despite Climate Crisis" December 1, 2023
    "More than 400 oil and gas projects were approved globally in the last two years despite calls to abandon all new hydrocarbon development, new figures showed as the UN COP28 climate talks opened Thursday." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelInternationalPublicSource: ,
  • "Climate Summit Approves a New Fund to Help Poor Countries" December 1, 2023
    "A new fund to help vulnerable countries hit by climate disasters should be up and running this year, after diplomats from nearly 200 countries on Thursday approved a draft plan on the first day of a United Nations global warming summit." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelEnvironmental PoliticsLaws & RegulationsInternationalPublicSource: ,
  • "‘Game Changer’: EPA Rule Would Force Removal Of America’s Lead Pipes" December 1, 2023
    "EPA is calling on utilities to eliminate the largest source of lead contamination in drinking water with a proposal to require removal of all lead pipes within the next decade." ChemicalsConsumerEnvironmental HealthInfrastructureLaws & RegulationsPollutionWater & OceansNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,

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  • Pathogens use force to breach immune defenses, study finds
    New research has revealed a previously unknown process through which pathogens are able to defeat a cell's defense mechanisms with physical force. The discovery represents a potential game-changer in the fight against intracellular pathogens, which cause infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and chlamydia.
  • Public gardens contribute to invasives problem
    Some nonnative plants cultivated in public gardens or arboretums are escaping to become invasive in wild forests.
  • Aging societies more vulnerable to collapse
    Societies and political structures, like the humans they serve, appear to become more fragile as they age, according to an analysis of hundreds of pre-modern societies. A new study, which holds implications for the modern world, provides the first quantitative support for the theory that the resilience of political states decreases over time. 
  • Unlocking the secret strength of marine mussels
    How do you create strong, yet quick-release connections between living and non-living tissues? This is a question that continues to puzzle bioengineers who aim to create materials that bond together for advanced biomedical applications. Looking to nature for inspiration, this research zeroed in on the marine mussel byssus, a fibrous holdfast, which these bivalve mollusks […]
  • Researchers have taught an algorithm to 'taste'
    Incorporating human tastes into artificial intelligence makes it easier for wine buyers thirsting for the right wine. Researchers have shown that AI can accurately predict individual wine preferences. The researchers expect that nourishing machines with human sensory experiences will continue to grow.