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  • New Louisiana Bird Wails Like A Banshee But Eats Pest, Saving Crops April 12, 2024
    "Screechy, gangly bird gorges on invasive apple snails, helping wetlands and crawfish farms". AgricultureBiodiversityFish & FisheriesNatural ResourcesWildlifeSE (AL AR FL GA KY LA MS NC PR SC TN)PublicSource: ,
  • "An Iowa Fertilizer Plant Purchase Spurs Antitrust Concerns" April 12, 2024
    "Koch Industries is making a multi-billion-dollar play to purchase a massive fertilizer production facility in the state; some farmers and lawmakers are raising concerns about monopolization and high prices in an effort to halt the sale." AgricultureChemicalsEconomy & BusinessNatural ResourcesPollutionWater & OceansNational (U.S.)Great Plains (IA KS ND NE MO SD)PublicSource: ,
  • "Ocean Heat Has Shattered Records for More Than a Year. What’s Happening?" April 12, 2024
    "The ocean has now broken temperature records every day for more than a year. And so far, 2024 has continued 2023’s trend of beating previous records by wide margins. In fact, the whole planet has been hot for months, according to many different data sets." Climate ChangeFish & FisheriesNatural ResourcesWater & OceansInternationalPublicSource: ,
  • "Biden Administration Said to Expand Two California National Monuments" April 12, 2024
    "President Biden plans to expand the perimeters of two national monuments in California, protecting mountains and meadows in a remote area between Napa and Mendocino as well as a rugged stretch east of Los Angeles, two people familiar with the administration’s plans said Thursday." Laws & RegulationsNatural ResourcesNational (U.S.)CaliforniaPublicSource: ,
  • "North Carolina Allows Manure Mounds ‘As Big As A House’ On Factory Farms" April 12, 2024
    "The state’s uniquely lax regulation permits chicken waste to collect outdoors – but there’s no easy way to complain about it". AgricultureEnvironmental HealthLaws & RegulationsNatural ResourcesPollutionNational (U.S.)SE (AL AR FL GA KY LA MS NC PR SC TN)PublicSource: ,
  • Group Slams Gas Group’s Use Of Customers’ Money To Thwart Climate Efforts April 12, 2024
    "A group of advocates and Democratic senators gathered in Washington DC on Tuesday to decry utilities’ practice of spending customers’ money to advance a pro-fossil fuel agenda." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelEnvironmental JusticeEnvironmental PoliticsNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • "Big Oil Is Quietly Paying State Legal Officials To Kill Climate Litigation" April 12, 2024
    "Honolulu's climate lawsuit is an existential threat to Big Oil. So they’re buying Republican attorneys general to defend them in court." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelEnvironmental PoliticsLaws & RegulationsPollutionNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • "Trump Allies Target NOAA Climate Research" April 12, 2024
    "Allies of former President Donald Trump don’t just want to muzzle federal climate science if he wins a second term — they also want to upend the agencies that fuel such research." Climate ChangeEnvironmental PoliticsPollutionScienceNational (U.S.)PublicSource: ,
  • "Global Stockpile of Cholera Vaccine Is Gone as Outbreaks Spread" April 12, 2024
    "Doses of cholera vaccine are being given to patients as fast as they are produced and the global stockpile has run completely dry, as deadly outbreaks of the disease continue to spread." Climate ChangeDisastersEnvironmental HealthNational (U.S.)InternationalPublicSource: ,
  • "World’s Coal Power Capacity Rises Despite Climate Warnings" April 12, 2024
    "The world’s coal power capacity grew for the first time since 2019 last year, despite warnings that coal plants need to close at a rate of at least 6% each year to avoid a climate emergency." Climate ChangeEnergy & FuelPollutionNational (U.S.)InternationalPublicSource: ,

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  • Where have all the right whales gone?
    Marine researchers have mapped the density of one of the most endangered large whale species worldwide, the North Atlantic right whale, using new data to help avoid right whales' harmful exposure to commercial fisheries and vessel strikes. The resulting maps, spanning 20 years of whale observations, are publicly available to inform risk assessments, estimations of […]
  • Bonobos are more aggressive than previously thought
    Chimpanzees and bonobos are often thought to reflect two different sides of human nature -- the conflict-ready chimpanzee versus the peaceful bonobo -- but a new study shows that, within their own communities, male bonobos are more frequently aggressive than male chimpanzees. For both species, more aggressive males had more mating opportunities.
  • How seaweed became multicellular
    A deep dive into macroalgae genetics has uncovered the genetic underpinnings that enabled macroalgae, or 'seaweed,' to evolve multicellularity. Three lineages of macroalgae developed multicellularity independently and during very different time periods by acquiring genes that enable cell adhesion, extracellular matrix formation, and cell differentiation, researchers report. Surprisingly, many of these multicellular-enabling genes had viral […]
  • Scientists uncover a missing link between poor diet and higher cancer risk
    A research team has unearthed new findings which may help explain the connection between cancer risk and poor diet, as well as common diseases like diabetes, which arise from poor diet. The insights gained from this study hold promise for advancing cancer prevention strategies aimed at promoting healthy aging.
  • Microbial food as a strategy food production of the future
    Scientists have summarized microbial food production strategies.