Earthtalk FAQ

A Weekly Column

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any charge for EarthTalk?

No. It is entirely FREE of charge.

EarthTalk and E – The Environmental Magazine

assume all costs of editorial and its distribution.

  1. Do I need to sign up for a term of service?

No. There are no term commitments. You may

use EarthTalk for as long a term as you

like. If you decide to stop running the column, we do ask that you

let us know so that we cease providing it to you.

  1. What changes can I make to the editorial?

You may lay out the content in any appropriate

style that fits your needs. We do supply an EarthTalk

logo, but use is optional. We ask that, if you edit the content, you

do so in such a way that facts or meanings are not altered. We also

ask that you not remove the contact information pertinent to the question,

as this is an integral part of providing information to the readers.

If you apply additional content that is not part of the EarthTalk

supplied content, we ask that you identify it as such. Each

column run must use the full EarthTalk/E Magazine credit

line — including our address, e-mail and website supplied

with the content — in part because it enables readers to submit their

own questions to us for reply.

  1. Do I have to run both of the questions

    and answers I receive each week?

No, you can run just one, or split them

up and run one on one day and one on another day, or on any schedule

you choose. You don’t have to run either if the topics don’t appeal

to you (we have an archive you can peruse for picking other topics


  1. Can I use the column(s) on our website?

Yes, each is for use in print as well as


  1. Do I have the right to re-sell the articles?

No. The right to publish or distribute the

content is granted for one-time use only. EarthTalk

must authorize any use of content beyond your own. “Your own”

refers to any and all publications within your organization or chain.

  1. Who holds all copyright interest in the


E – The Environmental Magazine holds

all copyrights and permissions.

  1. Do you supply images to run with

    the column?

    Yes, we supply two images each week.

    We also provide suggested captions. This is only available to editors

    receiving the column electronically, and the images supplied may

    only be used to accompany the EarthTalk column and

    for nothing else. Use is optional, and you may request to NOT receive

    images at all.

  2. Is the column available in Spanish?

    Yes, we supply the column in Spanish

    each week for Hispanic and bilingual publications. Just indicate

    that preference when completing your registration form.

  3. How do I get started?

There are several ways

that EarthTalk can be received:

  • E-Mail: Most editors receive

    EarthTalk via e-mail. Our e-mail recipients may

    also chose to receive images with each installment, along with

    suggested captions.

  • Mail or FAX: If you do not

    have Internet access or reliable e-mail, we can mail or FAX the

    column to you each week.

  • RSS Feed: Webmasters can elect

    to download the column (or a link to the column) each week via

    RSS Feed.

  • Web Page: EarthTalk

    is also posted online, in the event you would prefer to download

    it that way (copy and paste), OR if you’d like to simply post

    a link to the column from your website.

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