Home Wreckers A review of Toxic Free: How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That Are Making You Sick by Debra Lynn Dadd

Debra Lynn DaddFrom the “Queen of Green” comes Toxic Free How To Protect Your Health And Home From The Chemicals That Are Making You Sick Toxic Free (Tarcher), a newly updated manual designed to ensure you “leave toxics at the door” and out of your home and body. Author Debra Lynn Dadd has been working for over two decades to inform the public about the toxic chemicals present in every facet and niche of the consumer market.Does your daily routine consist of making coffee, taking a shower, ironing your clothes, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, driving to and from work, cooking dinner with a few candles lit and then going to bed? Dadd details how all of those activities can lead to toxic exposures. And these exposures are more potentially damaging than we might imagine. The chapter “How Toxics Affect Your Body Systems” gives a clear, scientific analysis on the “ravages of toxics” like tobacco smoke, solvents, pesticides, food coloring and car exhaust, which are linked to a seemingly limitless range of cancers, diseases and behavioral disorders.

Toxic Free then details ways you can “be your own toxicologist,” which is especially important to parents as “infants and children have greater risk for health effects from toxic exposure than adults.” Beyond detailing how to avoid exposure to toxic products and create a toxic-free home, the manual includes good health practices to strengthen and remove toxic chemicals from your body which include everything from sweating to eating cilantro. Dadd’s ongoing advocacy to protect our health has never been more needed. “There are toxic chemicals in the world, lots of them, all around you, but how they affect you and your loved ones is your choice,” she writes.