Renovare Fuels Chairman Matthew Stone on How We Can Use Renewable Energy to Replace Fossil Fuels


Global temperatures have been rising steadily for the past few decades and with that comes a rise in the demand for energy. As such, the search for sustainable fuel sources remains as prevalent as ever. With that in mind, can renewable energy ever scale up to the point that it can replace the overwhelming quantities of gas, oil and fuel that we produce and consume every year?

It appears so. There are numerous developments being made in multiple industries that are creating sustainable energy sources, some of which, such as plant power and the conversion of biogas, are real contenders for replacing fossil fuels and combatting climate change.


Plant Power as Renewable Energy

Many scientists are looking further into the positive impact that plants could have in creating sustainable fuels. Ethanol (which is used in regular fuel) uses complex enzymes that can break starchy corn kernels into glucose, these molecules are then fermented, which in turn produces usable fuel. Researchers in plant power are working on obtaining glucose by breaking down cellulose (which is primarily found in plant cell walls) as oppose to using ethanol like fuels today do.

The Conversion of Biogas to Liquid Fuel

Biogas is produced from landfills, anaerobic digesters and sewage treatment facilities. Innovative companies such as Renovare Fuels are currently working with Biogas in the hope of converting it into liquid fuel. Whilst technology such as electronic cars are going to be helpful in reducing carbon emissions, those produced by jets and planes will still have a huge effect on the earth and so if the fuel they use can be produced from renewable sources such as Biogas, this would be extremely beneficial.

The technology used for biogas conversation allows for operation on a scale that was not previously feasible in gas to liquid technology. This is because by using tech that balances the exothermic reactions with endothermic, operating costs are reduced.


Will Renewable Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels?

Naturally, bringing economic dependence on fossil fuels to a halt remains to be a steady work in progress. The eventual transition to an economy that runs solely on renewable energy will take time due to the multiple levels of change required to reach it.

Even if the world made the switch to using electric cars, whilst this would reduce carbon emissions, they would still be given off for multiple other processes. This could be the mining of lithium which will be required for car batteries, as well as the transportation of larger vehicles such as airplanes and ocean-going vessels. Whilst switching to electric is positive, also finding more environmentally friendly versions of fuel is an absolute necessity.

This could be achieved in multiple ways, with two of the most promising methods being by plant power or the conversion of biogas which is currently being done by Renovare Fuels; however, these methods, some would argue, are only the tip of the iceberg. We are actively going through a revolution in our ability to make new discoveries that are constantly leading to the acceleration in the adaptation of technology. Thanks to this, scientists seem to constantly be finding new ways of converting energy, all of which we could never have imagined in previous years.


People have every right to be optimistic about the prospect of renewable energy replacing fossil fuels and this, paired with other changes currently ongoing throughout the planet, may well give us the edge over the ever-lingering threat of climate change.

About Chairman of Renovare Fuels

Matthew Stone is an active investor in clean technology and the design and manufacture of sustainable liquid fuel. Matthew works with a wide-ranging investor network, which includes high profile private investors, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and major corporations. He is also the chairman of Renovare Fuels, an innovative company that specialises in clean technology within the waste-to-energy sector.

About Renovare Fuels Limited

Renovare Fuels is working on creating a sustainable liquid fuel replacement for Jet A1 and diesel fuel by converting biogas generated from waste. Using patented technology, Renovare Fuels turns biogas into liquid fuel in a process that could displace billions of litres of fossil fuels every year.

This technology that has been developed by Renovare Fuels and which was created by a team working with the US Department of Energy and NASA, converts biogas emitted from waste material into a high-grade liquid fuel. This can be used to power everything from cars to planes.

How Matthew Stone Pioneers Biofuel Manufacturing with Renovare Fuels

Chairman Matthew Stone has been consulting, advising and specialising in energy, biomass processing and clean tech for over 12 years. He has developed an international reputation for transforming clean tech start-ups into successful commercial entities during this time.