Why Big Companies Are Switching To LED Lighting To Help Save The Environment

led lightingAs big companies try to balance saving money and drawing in new clients, one place where many are making changes is their lighting. Switching from traditional lighting to LED lighting has a big payback in terms of environmental impact, and this is impressive to customers who are becoming increasingly eco-friendly. Here are some practical reasons why companies are making this switch.

1. Saving Money on Energy Expenses

LED lighting does cost more at the outset to buy and install, but it makes far better use of electrical energy in the facility. In fact, LED lighting is about 80% more efficient than fluorescent or incandescent lights. Not only do the lights use less energy to create the amount of brightness you need, but they also lose less energy to heat. Only about 5% of the energy in an LED light is wasted through heat loss.

2. Longer-Lasting Light

Big companies are also making the switch to LED because the lights last longer than their traditional counterparts. LED lights can last thousands of hours longer than other lighting options, which averages to about six times longer life. In many commercial facilities, changing lights requires a lot of work, even a lift or boom to reach them, so the longer lights last, the better.

3. Potential for Rebates

Many government programs on both the state and federal levels offer money back to companies who are taking measures to reduce their carbon footprints. By taking advantage of these programs and making the switch to LED, companies can earn tax rebates by making the switch. These rebates and incentives are always changing, so it’s a good idea to talk to a tax professional to see what is available.

4. Improved Appearance of the Facility

LED provides a very high-quality light. It makes the facility look clean and modern. Also, LED lights do not shift color profile or fade as they age. They remain as bright and crisp on their last day of use as the first day of use. They have a wider beam distribution than other lighting types as well. All of this combines to make them a cleaner and more attractive light, so businesses put forth a better first impression to their customers.

5. LEDs are the Light of the Future

With so many benefits and incentives, LEDs are quickly overtaking the lighting world. In the future, it may be challenging to find fluorescent and incandescent lighting, or the price of these older lighting options may go up. By jumping on the LED bandwagon now, companies will be prepared for the future.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder an increasing number of large companies are making the switch to LED. If your company is looking to embrace improved illumination while also improving the environment, make the switch to LED.