3 Ways You Can Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your Business

work from homeWhile technology can reduce and also increase our environmental impact, it really is how you use it that determines that. On one hand, all the various technology that is used to efficiently run your business will eventually take its toll on the climate due to unnecessary energy waste and high bills. However, on the other hand, that exact same technology allows us to effectively reduce our footprint by reducing our waste in other ways.

These few simple things can greatly affect your impact on the environment and also reduce the effect that your business will have. Here are 3 ways to embrace the power of technology to start lowering the footprint your business could create.

Go paperless

Technology thrives on reducing paper waste and does a particularly fantastic job as well. Printing, storing, and filing documents can be filed super easily with only the clock of a button and in an efficient way. Online platforms also allow you to create all of your advertising material.

You can even create your own sticker design to put onto your advertising materials and any other business advertisement straight from the internet and have it sent to you. By doing this via the internet, you won’t have to use countless amounts of paper on test runs and instead achieve the final result with a lesser amount of paper than you would have used creating it yourself.

Platforms like PayPal and Venmo are even further proof that technology can be highly beneficial in reducing environmental impact. With those two platforms and many others, businesses can enjoy easier and cheaper payments and also avoid using envelopes, cheques, and postage needed for transactions. You can even send receipts online now!

Statistic wise, it is proven that if just 1 in 5 households decided to receive their bills, statements, and payments electronically, we could save over 151 million pounds of paper!

Encourage a remote workforce

In times that you could be driving to a client’s office, flying out for a conference, or catching any form of public transport, think about making it an online call. It is optional for everyone, however, opting for an online call could really be making all the difference. Skye, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and plenty of other platforms allow for conference call options.

This means that you can cut down on travel time will still connecting with all of your beloved clients, employees, and colleagues from all around the world. If you’re unsure about this, try implementing even one day a week where your employees can work from home. Your employees will not only be able to save on gas but also reduce their footprint. It is also said that it may improve productivity.

Reduce water usage

Water, perhaps one of the world’s biggest problems because of the fact that it is so commonly associated with greed. That is why reducing your water footprint can also reduce your all-round environmental footprint. People tend to use water for a whole lot of things.

These things can range from brushing their teeth, consumption, washing, cleaning, and even producing things such as cloth, paper, and cloth. That is why it is such a heavily used thing, but that doesn’t mean it should stay that way. Here are some great ways we can reduce our water usage in the workplace and at home:

  • Use less water while gardening
  • Use less water while cleaning
  • Take shorter showers
  • Fix any household leaks
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth
  • Install a water-saving showerhead
  • Only wash full loads of washing
  • Install a water-saving toilet

When it comes to reducing your water usage, there are several important steps you can take. With all three of these little things used together, you may even be saving the world.