4 Compelling Reasons To Embrace Clean Energy In Your Home Or Business

Natural gas makes up about 25% of energy use in the United States. But, other, cleaner energy sources exist, including solar, wind, and geothermal.

All Americans should consider switching from natural gas, coal power, and other unsustainable sources of energy for both home and business. In fact, the world depends on it.

Read on to learn more about clean energy sources and 4 important reasons that you should consider switching your energy source.

1. Sustainability

We find energy sources like coal and natural gas deep within the Earth. Though technology exists to harvest and convert these sources into power, they will eventually run out.

There is a finite amount because it takes millions of years to form. Alternative energy sources, however, come readily available and will last essentially forever.

Solar Power

Solar energy comes from sunlight. Photons interact with the energy cell of the solar panels to create DC energy.

The solar inverter converts this to AC energy and feeds it to appliances. Any extra goes back into the grid. As long as you have panels and sunlight you can live off of this type of energy.

Wind Turbines

As long as Earth’s atmosphere exists, we will experience wind. As it bows through the turbines, the propellor spins the rotor, activating a generator. No matter how much wind you use, it will not affect the supply.

Geothermal Energy

This type of heat energy comes from Earth’s molten core. This heat stays constant, allowing for constant energy. We harness it by injecting water that returns as steam and powers a turbine for electric power.

2. Less Pollution

Burning fossil fuels for energy releases harmful pollutants into the air. They hurt both people and the environment.

The nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide released, lead to acid rain which destroys ecosystems and causes corrosive acid rain. Fossil fuels also release CO2, which continues to speed up climate change by causing a greenhouse effect. Hydrocarbons, another byproduct, cause chronic lung disease and cancer in humans.

The other forms of energy listed above do not create pollution. Companies like Ecotricity provide safe and clean power.

3. Cost Reduction

We need the energy to heat and cool our homes and businesses, use lights, and run appliances, at the bare minimum. The cost of fueling our lives adds up big time.

Opting for green energy sources may seem expensive when you look at the upfront costs. After all, they need to install an entirely different infrastructure to harness your power.

But, over time, you will actually save money. Once you install everything, you do not pay for the source of your energy each month anymore. Think about it, nobody owns the sun, wind, or heat within the Earth. Also, when you harness more energy than you use, the energy companies will actually pay you for supplying them with extra power!

4. Ethics

Choosing clean energy fuels means doing your part to keep the Earth clean. You are doing your part to protect people and animals.

Using green energy also shows that you care about the way future generations will live when fossil fuels are gone. It is an ethical choice.

Choose Clean Energy

Be the change that you want to see happen. Start using a clean energy source that will last. This will help you and the rest of the world move into a healthier, more sustainable future.

We care about the world and work hard to raise ecological awareness. Please consider donating to help promote green living!