5 Countries Where It’s Legal to Grow Cannabis in Your Home (and Tips for Doing So)

 If growing a garden at home or you’ve at least thought about it, you’re not alone. Many people take it up as a hobby or a way to affordably get fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs throughout the year.

Speaking of herbs, you could be among the people who’ve considered growing marijuana in their homes for personal use but aren’t sure if this could put them on the wrong side of the law.

Well, unlike long ago, cannabis is now legal in many places around the world, especially when cultivated for personal use or commercialized for medicinal use. But still, some countries are quite adamant about making cannabis use legal, let alone growing it.

Below is a list of countries where you can comfortably grow marijuana in your home without worrying about being arrested and arraigned in court for illegal cultivation of cannabis, alongside some success tips for growing cannabis from home.

Countries Where Growing Cannabis is Legal 

1. Canada

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Canada, one of the first countries to legalize the adult use and possession of recreational marijuana, which came into effect on October 17, 2018. Just to clarify, according to the law, recreational marijuana is legal in Canada for those 18 years and older to purchase, grow, and possess at home.

As per the Canadian Health Act regulations, possession is allowed for up to 30 grams of dried marijuana, a limit above which you may be considered breaking the law. To grow your own, you’ll need to obtain a medical marijuana license from the Canadian government.

2. The Netherlands 

The Netherlands is known for its liberal policies regarding recreational marijuana use, with non-medical cannabis for private use being legalized in 2002. This law even allows the possession and use of cannabis by those over the age of 18 with a doctor’s note.

Many countries, including the United States, have gained a lot of experience from the legalization of cannabis in the Netherlands.

3. Germany

Cannabis is no longer illegal in Germany, but you can still be penalized for growing it at home. Even though the government allows both recreational and medical use of cannabis, growing cannabis at home is still not permitted, at least not without a license to do so.

However, there are some exceptions for those that grow cannabis for personal use. People who’ve obtained a permit from the German government, are also at liberty to grow a personal amount of cannabis for private use without being penalized.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica is synonymous with reggae and dancehall, with potentially hundreds if not thousands of songs advocating for the legalization of ganja. Weed was decriminalized here in 2015, so you can comfortably grow it in your home for personal use in Jamaica.

5. Mexico 

Cannabis was federally decriminalized in 2009 and legalized for medical use in Mexico, with fourteen of its 31 states passing the law. You can grow marijuana at home, and probably use it to get peace of mind in your garden in Mexico.

However, you will need to get permission from your state government for the same. However, you don’t need to obtain a permit if you live in Baja California, the state where San Diego is located.

Tips for Growing Cannabis from Home 

Utilize Cannabis Grow Lights

Almost all indoor growing methods result in shorter life spans and growth issues for the plants if proper lighting is not ensured. Especially if your weed garden sits in a location that doesn’t get a decent supply of sunlight, you will definitely want to consider installing grow lights.

Well, a marijuana grow light will supply just the right amount of light to your plants, much-needed to make sure they grow healthy and promise a bountiful harvest.

Use Organic Fertilizer and Pesticides 

Marijuana plants require organic fertilizer to grow happily. You can find a range of organic fertilizers with a decent amount of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen in most marijuana growing supplies stores.

It is also advisable to avoid using any form of inorganic pesticides because they are known to cause major damage to your plants.

Feed Your Plants with Just the Right Amount of Water 

Cannabis plants usually don’t do well if the water supply is always too high. Conversely, if it’s always too low, your plants will suffer too. The best thing to do is to divide the watering schedule for each plant so that it’s not overfed.

One way to know if your plants are getting the right amount of water is to assess the soil regularly; making sure your garden is not always flooded.

Observe Optimal Humidity and Temperature in Your Growing Room

The best way to maintain a balanced humidity in your home garden is by letting the room completely dry out between watering. The ideal temperature for cannabis growth is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take.

Your temperature should never be higher than 77 degrees or lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a hygrometer to measure relative humidity, making sure it’s maintained at 40% to 50%.

Marijuana growing is not very difficult. It’s simply a matter of care and patience. And as long as you get the basics right and know the legal implications around it, you can grow an awesome cannabis garden from your home without feeling as if you’re committing a crime.