5 Simple Fire Pit Safety Tips To Know

A fire pit is a good addition to your rural homestead or your farm’s back yard. This item is a fantastic addition that can come in handy during the winter, fall, or cooler spring and summer nights. They can bring the family together in the evenings as they keep family and friends warm while they gather late into the night. However, if not careful, a fire pit can be dangerous if they are misused or in cases where one does not follow the laid down safety precautions. To avoid any mishaps with the use of a fire pit, follow the fire pit tips and tricks we shall discuss here so that you can be sure of the safety and ease of use of these wonderful appliances.

Here are fire pit safety tips you should know:

  1.   Positioning Your Fire Pit

This is a very important factor that you should consider before you install your fire pit. The right positioning for the fire pit can greatly reduce any hazards that could come from this pit. In this regard, your fire pit should at least be positioned 10 feet away from any structures or any neighboring yards. Your fire pit should never be installed under a tree or on a flammable surface. A block of concrete or a patio bloc is a suitable material to use for this purpose.

  1.   Don’t Burn Construction Lumber

The kind of fuel you use in your fire pit is very important as it determines the kind of fire you will get and how pleasant your evening can be as a result. In this regard, construction lumber such as pieces of plywood, MDF, posts, chemically treated pallets, and pressure-treated boards are not to be sued. These are laced with chemicals and therefore are not suitable for the fire. They are a health hazard when burned on the fire pit. The best fuel is softwoods such as pine. Even though these are slow at burning, or give more sparks, they are much safer and readily available when compared to hardwoods.

  1.   Always prepare to extinguish the fire flames

Fire can be magical. It also unifies people due to its warmth. However, it can be unpredictable at times. It can be destructive where one is not prepared to extinguish it at the right time. As such, for your safety, you should have water and a shovel at hand just in case. These are sufficient items to extinguish the fire from your fire pit during emergencies. You may also wish to buy a fire blanket for this purpose.

  1.   Keep chairs away from the pit

Chairs should be kept away from the fire. In the process of enjoying the warmth of the fire pit, flames could likely burn you, your clothes, or anything flammable that you may have. You should also ensure that any loose clothing is kept away from the fire pit. Roll up your sleeves as a precaution to ensure all are safe around the fire pit.

  1.   The fire pit should be attended all the time

You should never leave the fire pit unattended. If the fire has died down, always ensure there is someone around. You may also decide to extinguish the fire completely before you leave the fire pit. This is because there is still potential for the fire to rekindle and burn the surrounding yard.