5 Tips To Benefit Your Pets & Your Wallet Sustainable Practices For the Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

You love the environment, and you also love your pet. Have you ever stopped to think that your pet — and the care and supplies involved with pet ownership — could be damaging to the environment? It’s your duty to protect the environment, so why not make it your mission to raise your pet sustainably as well?

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The preconceived notion is that quality products for your pet means more damage done to your wallet. However, this does not always ring true. Read below to find out how you can do your part in protecting the environment and responsibly own a pet, all while being friendly to your wallet.

Tips For the Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Your pet has many needs: food, an agreeable habitat, and training, among many others. Alongside these many needs comes the many supplies to accompany them. It can be easy to be drawn to cheap products, but many are wasteful and can even be harmful to pet, your household, and the environment. It is crucial to remember to be conscious of what you give your pet and that it is safe and sustainable. Take a look below for some tips and tricks on how to save money while caring for your pet.

1. Choose Healthier Pet Food

Food is an obvious necessity of pet ownership. However, if you are feeding your pet food that contains lots of by-products, toxins, chemicals, and preservatives, you are putting your pet in danger. A higher quality food usually means less filler ingredients, meaning that your pet will need less food to fill their nutritional and caloric intake — saving you money. Being environmentally conscious, you understand the health benefits if eating naturally and organically, so why not make sure your pet eats the same?

It is recommended that you buy foods for your pet that are certified organic to avoid all of the harmful substances and keep your pet in the best health possible. Buying healthy food is more expensive, but buying in bulk along with portion control can end up saving you money in the long run. More food for less is always comfortable for your bank account, and portioning out so they don’t overeat will keep them healthier and at an ideal weight.

2. Opt for Greener Supplies & A Cleaner Environment

Especially for adopted pets, your home may be a better environment than where they came from. But, don’t you want to give them the most comfortable condition you can? Furthermore, the products you buy for your pet may be harmful to them and the environment. Everything from beds and toys to shampoos and litters can have plastics and toxins in them. Plastics are, of course, wasteful and we should do everything in our power to cut down on plastic consumption. One way we can do this is to boycott pet supplies that are comprised of it. Even a dog bone can have plastic in it. A dog may enjoy it, but they may be ingesting this plastic, which can cause serious health problems.

For bedding and toys, consider hemp and organic cottons that are safe for your pets. Additionally, only buy eco-friendly kitty litter, shampoos and conditioners to be easy on your pet and wallet. Eco-friendly pet supplies can keep your pet happy and healthy, and don’t need to cost you much money.

3. Biodegradable Waste Bags Are Worth It

Anyone who has ever walked a dog knows the inevitable will happen. In the event of a dog-doo, you have to pick it up for a variety of reasons; it is responsible, and dog waste can contain viruses, bacteria, and parasites — leading to illnesses such as e coli and salmonella. Dog waste disposal, from beginning to end, can be either environmentally friendly or very wasteful. Bags to pick dog waste are offered in plastic and are cheaper, but an environmentally conscious person should choose biodegradable bags. Waste disposal is just a fact of pet life, but you can still be eco-friendly about it.

4. Pick The Right Pet To Begin With

Not every household is the same, and as a result, it is essential to do your research on which pet will be best for your home and family situation. Accepting the wrong pet into your home, and ultimately having to return it, can cause emotional stress on both parties, further the amount of unwanted and sheltered pets, and eventually end up costing you money.

Cats and dogs are relatively easy to care for and require a mid-level of maintenance. Both pets are mostly agreeable to all members of a family, including children. However, if members of your family aren’t able to or won’t take care of a cat or dog, then you may consider a smaller pet. Pocket pets are smaller but may require more supplies and maintenance — which can cost you money. This higher degree of support may be more than an owner (usually children) are willing to put up with.

Rats, guinea pigs, etc., require lots of cleaning and materials and supplies for their cages. Other animals such as rabbits, chickens, and fish also require different levels of maintenance and care that you should consider before coming to a conclusion to include them in your family.

5. Invest Yourself in Training

Dogs are sweet animals and can be very loving. However, if they haven’t been appropriately trained, they can become extremely dangerous —  especially for children. In the unfortunate event of an attack, the last thing you or any pet owner will be worrying about will be money — although an irresponsible pet owner could be sued and liable for injury costs. It is critical that you train your dog. However, you can educate your children about pet safety as well. Most children love pets, but they should know how and when to approach them. A responsible pet owner can train their dog, avoiding injury and ultimately your wallet (as young dogs tend to chew up everything, costing you money to replace the items!)

It is very possible to raise a pet while being environmentally conscious. Additionally, money shouldn’t deter you away from an eco-friendly pet, as the avenues above can save you a lot of stress on your bank account. In the world we live in today, it is imperative that you and your pet are sustainable, and with this information, you can be.