5 Tips To Buying Maltipoo Puppies In New Jersey

Credit: Derek K. Miller, FlickrCCMaltipoos are the best dog breeds you can ever own if you are looking for loyal, affectionate, gentle, and intelligent furry friends. However, keeping one of the species requires you to take much responsibility to take care of them. There are also other things apart from care that you need to consider before you buy one of the puppies in New Jersey.

1) Temperament

The personality traits of Maltipoos originate from their parents Maltese and Poodle. Their intelligence comes from the Poodle, while the affection comes from the Maltese. Combining these traits makes the puppies the best companion you would ever have as a dog lover.

If you are searching for a watchdog, the Maltipoo will not make an excellent one because it gets friendly with people. When looking for a Maltipoo for sale NJ, you will find a suitable puppy to take home with you. You will get advice from breeders on how to take care of the puppy and what to expect from their character traits.

2) Health

A Maltipoo has a lifespan of 10-12 years, though with good care, including a good diet and an exercise regimen, they can extend to 14-16 years. The Maltipoos, due to their genetic formation, may inherit some diseases from their parents.

They can suffer the White Shaker Syndrome due to their association with the Maltese. From the Poodle, they can inherit the Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, which causes shrinkage to the hind leg bone due to reduced blood supply. Other conditions that can affect the puppies include epilepsy, retinal atrophy, tiny mouth syndrome, and colitis.

3) Grooming

The Maltipoo’s coat, though beautiful, tangles easily and consumes time to keep it neat. Before you buy a puppy, you will have to consider whether you will be paying for professional grooming services or do it yourself. Professional services come at a cost that you will have to determine if there is a need to set aside a budget.

If you choose to clean the dog yourself, you will have to brush the coat daily to keep it clean and neat. You can clip after some months to make the cleaning easier. A dental cleaning daily will help keep teeth clean though you can do it twice or thrice a week.

4) Diet

There is no one-size-fits-all food portion to feed your puppy because it depends on the size, type of food, activity level, and the number of times to feed them. During the early stages, you will need to provide food at all times; then, you will limit it to three and two times a day as they grow.

You can balance wet and dry foods to avoid them having runny bowels due to wet foods, and dry foods are good for keeping their teeth strong. It would help if you also were cautious of the ingredients you give because not all are safe for dog consumption, such as chocolate, grapes, salt, and onions.

5) Exercise

Though Maltipoos love indoors, they need exercise to help in blood circulation, strengthen muscles, release excess energy, have a night of better sleep, and keep the heart healthy. Before taking your puppy out for exercise, ensure that it has received all vaccinations and that it is over 12 weeks old.

You will also need to develop an exercise routine each day of about 10-20 minutes so that you do not miss out due to a busy schedule.