5 Ways to Help the Environment Right Now

Virtually every credible scientist in the world believes that the planet is in trouble. Some politicians still deny climate change, but that’s becoming increasingly hard to do. When there are several “once in a hundred years” storms every year now, it is tough to argue with what your own eyes can see.

It’s scary to watch the recent massive tornados in Kentucky and to wonder what the next environmental disaster might be. However, there are always concrete actions you can take to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s talk about some of them right now.

You Can Get Rid of Your Car

It’s tempting to just contact a cryogenics company to see if they can freeze you for a few hundred years. Maybe, by the time they thaw you out, the world will be in better shape environmentally.

Failing that, you can change some of your habits to help the planet in the present day. Fossil fuel-burning vehicles are still a significant climate change contributor, so that would be a logical place to start.

If you have a fossil fuel-burning vehicle, you might consider getting rid of it. You can take the bus or train to get to work instead, assuming you reside in a place where public transportation is an option. If that’s not available to you, you might go from being a multiple-car family down to just one.

If several adults in your household go out into the world to work, one might take the car while the others ride the bus or train. If you don’t feel like it’s practical for you to completely get rid of your fossil fuel-burning vehicle, maybe you can only use it when there’s a real emergency. Staying off the road as much as possible is a simple way to help the planet.

Get an Electric Vehicle

If you do not feel like you can do away with a personal vehicle altogether, switching over to one that does not pollute the planet is another viable option. Electric cars do exist now, and they become more affordable with each passing year. You can trade in your current car for an electric one.

That is not economically possible for everyone, so only do this if you can afford it. These cars are not cheap, even though companies are working hard to make them more accessible. The government is also working to make infrastructure improvements that should gradually help in this area. Electric charging stations are appearing all over the country, with more up and running as we get further into this century.

If you cannot afford an electric vehicle, you can also look into getting a hybrid. These aren’t as bad for the planet as ones that run on gas alone. You can find them now either used or pre-owned, and that means you’re much more likely to be able to afford one than if you buy brand-new.

Volunteer to Clean Up Your Community

Maybe you don’t like walking through your neighborhood and seeing trash lying around. Volunteering to help a group that does environmental cleanup is something that doesn’t take any of your money. All you’re volunteering is your time and energy, and you can make a real difference.

In virtually every state or city, there are organizations eager to clean up national parks, inner-city neighborhoods, and just about any other nearby environment. You will meet like-minded people, and their enthusiasm is infectious. You’re not just helping the environment this way: you’re also liable to meet some new friends and allies who share your passion.

Shop in an Environmentally-Conscious Way

You can also help protect the environment every time you visit your local grocery store. One thing you can do is look into some of the different companies that make the foods you buy. Try to purchase locally-sourced foods when you can.

You can visit farmer’s markets to help local food producers rather than large corporations. You’ll often get fresher food, and those who produce it will sincerely thank you for it.

You can bring reusable grocery bags to the store as well. If you’re in a state that still allows plastic bag use, opt for paper instead if you forgot to bring your own reusable bags along.

Plant Trees

There are initiatives in most cities and states that encourage you to plant trees. You can get together with one of those and plant trees in public parks and other designated places. You must keep an eye on local laws and statutes when you do this, but generally, state and local governments support these actions.

Trees produce oxygen, and deforestation is a serious problem, so the more trees you plant, the better is it is for the planet. Plus, it’s nice to come back to that spot months or years later to see the trees you planted start to grow and thrive.

The more you dedicate yourself to stopping pollution and helping the planet, the more you’ll probably find that you can do. You might reuse anything in your home that’s suitable. You can recycle anything that has those handy markings on it that let you know it’s eligible.

You can educate your family about recycling and see if they will participate in some of the initiatives you find. You can conserve water whenever possible by taking shorter showers or installing newer dishwasher models that use less water per cycle. Handwashing your dishes often uses more.

You might install long-lasting lightbulbs in your home. There are certain kinds that last many times longer than outdated ones.

You can also try to use nontoxic chemicals whenever there are alternatives. Toxic chemicals sometimes end up in our waterways, and that’s certainly something you want to avoid.

Helping the planet helps the human race as well, and the earth has sent us increasingly loud warnings lately that it’s in distress. If each person does their part to help it, that’s what is best for future generations.