6 Cardinal Rules When Moving In To A New Place

In many ways, moving into a new place is just like starting a new lease on life. You get to start over and seek the kind of living conditions you actually want, without any of the baggage or negative vibes your last place may have acquired over the past how many years or months.

For this reason, you have to be careful to get off on the right foot and do things right from the moment you decide to move into your new place. Here are some cardinal rules to follow if you want your moving day — along with the next few weeks immediately following it — to be blissful and carefree.

1. Don’t bring in old waste

As mentioned earlier, getting a new place provides a golden opportunity to start anew without the heavy baggage you were bringing in the past. The easiest way to squander this opportunity is by bringing to your new place things that didn’t bring you joy or weren’t useful to you even in your old place.

You don’t want to start your new life with clutter, especially if you’re moving into a relatively smaller apartment. Only bring with you things that will serve a good enough purpose in your own house. Old, broken things and even those you are only keeping for memento’s sake may be better left behind.

2. Have the place cleaned before you move in

Another good way to start things right is by having the new place professionally cleaned before you even bring your things in. Whether or not you’re the flat’s first tenant, it would surely need deep cleaning that you may not have time for while you’re too busy with the actual move. Worry not, though, as there are professional cleaning services that specialize in moving out and moving it cleaning.

To ensure your safety and the protection of your pets and belongings, make sure you opt for an  eco-friendly house cleaner that will not use any hard and potentially harmful chemicals when cleaning your new house.

3. Decorate wisely

Part of feeling at home in your new place is of course decorating the space. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have a lot of money left after the big move, since there are a lot of ideas on how to decorate an apartment on a budget.

All it requires is just s little creativity and a lot of prioritizing about how you really want to utilize the space you have. It’s critical that you get fixtures and accessories you really like, instead of settling with something cheap ‘for the meantime.’ If you can’t yet afford the accessories you want for the house, save up for it first instead of buying something that won’t make you happy whenever you see it at home just for the sake of filling up the space.

4. Locate all shutoff valves/electric panels

On to more practical things, it is imperative that you know the location of all the important valves and panels you have in your new home. You should have a main shutoff valve for both water and gas, as well as a main electric switch along with panels to control the power supply to different rooms.

You should know where all of these are located so that you can respond immediately in case of emergency or when you have to evacuate and would need to shut off all utilities in a matter of seconds. If you’re having a hard time locating your valves, you can ask your landlord, your super, your realtor, or the previous owners if bought through direct contract with them.

5. Inspect smoke alarms

Even if part of the sales pitch given to you was that your new place is well-equipped with smoke alarms, you should have all of those checked out. Some might need fixing, while others might need replacing. This will give you better peace of mind over your home and its contents.

6. Replace filters

You might be asking, what filters? Well, all of them. May it be furnace filters, AC filters, or even water filters, you have to replace all of them even if the previous owner or tenant did not leave you any supply. Trust that the air you breathe will be better, the water you drink will be fresher, and your general quality of life will be much better if you don’t forget to replace your filters.

And…now you’re ready for the big move. Good luck!