6 Smart Ways to Bring More Green Energy to Your Home

People are becoming more aware of the importance of using green, renewable energy whenever possible. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can do that at home. Here are six possibilities.

  1. Choose a Utility Provider That Prioritizes Green Energy

One of the easiest ways to benefit from green energy is to select a company in your area that provides renewable options. After finding out which companies exist in your area, determine the sources of the green energy and your choices for purchasing it.

Since many utility companies have perks for new subscribers, you may get immediate benefits for signing up, as well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re using green energy.

  1. Install Solar Shingles

green energy
Solar shingles are one way to get more green energy into your home. Credit: Tai Viinikka, FlickrCC

Maybe you love the idea of getting your power from the sun but aren’t crazy about the look of traditional solar panels. In that case, think about getting solar shingles instead. It’s most cost-effective to do that when building a new home or replacing the original shingles due to damage.

Solar shingles are exceptionally tough since they contain a layer of quartz glass. That could mean that once you install them, they’re more durable than expected. Another handy thing about solar shingles is that you can choose how much of the roof’s surface area to cover with them. Your decision should depend on your household’s typical energy needs and how much of your usage you want to offset with solar power.

  1. Put a Solar Water Heater in Your Home

Solar water heaters help you save money with assistance from the sun. The ideal thing to do if you’re interested in using one at home is to find out about your choices by getting advice from an installation expert. Some of the most straightforward systems only need maintenance every three to five years. You can also use a solar water heater in any climate.

  1. Invest in Portable Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Taking advantage of green energy tends to be more complicated if you’re a renter. Unless your landlord has a green-centric mindset like yours, making the permanent changes that traditional green energy options require would probably cause you to violate the lease. However, portable setups exist that could be ideal for your situation.

Statistics show that one traditional wind turbine can produce enough power for about 1,400 homes. You can also find portable wind turbine systems that work well for people who have RVs. Similarly, you can find portable solar panels. Most of the designs fold for easy storage and transport.

Before choosing an option like the ones mentioned here, make sure that you have a suitable location for the green energy source selected. For example, you may think that solar power is a great idea, but it’s likely not the best for you if your area gets a high percentage of cloudy days.

  1. Turn Your Food Waste into Gas and Fertilizer

Most of us would love to sustainably handle the food in our homes that goes to waste. Composting is a great start, but you may be interested in other possibilities too. One idea is to use a product called the HomeBiogas 2.0. After going through a setup process that you can do on your own or with help from a couple of your friends, the product lets you create enough fuel for two hours of cooking from your food waste each day.

It also creates fertilizer for a garden and can process things that most compost piles can’t, such as meat and fish.

  1. Buy Some Green Gym Equipment

When your shoes pound the rubber belt of a moving treadmill, or you diligently pedal an exercise bike, maybe you wish you could use some of your expended energy to power lights and other things in your home.

One enterprise called The Green Microgym sells bikes that generate 30-50 grid-tied watts of electricity. The bike comes with a stand so you can use it to exercise in the house. There’s also a place between the handlebars that holds a book or tablet. You can use the bike outside by taking it off its base and riding it around town!

Thought-Provoking Ways to Embrace a Green Lifestyle

Hopefully, this list covers some techniques that you hadn’t thought about concerning how to benefit from more green energy at home. As consumers realize it’s more straightforward than they may have thought to tap into renewable energy, more companies will likely engineer ways for them to do so.