7 Easy Ways To Live Sustainably You Can Apply Today

We live in a world so polluted that it is beginning to turn against us. For many years, climate activists have been spreading information on the dangers of climate pollution; nature activists have been telling us about the damage we are doing to the Earth and ecosystems throughout, and marine biologists have been telling us of the damage we are doing to our oceans. Only now are we beginning to realize, after nearly fifty years of being told, the damage that we are causing to the world, and because of this, many people are deciding to live more sustainable lifestyles, free from toxic chemicals and pollutants.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a wonderful way to reverse the clock on the damage that we have done to the Earth and to stop causing further destruction. Sustainable living has become a very popular trend throughout the world, with many people from all ages and sexes deciding it is time to make a stand and stop destroying the Earth. This page will hope to tell you seven easy ways you can live sustainably.

It is important that you do begin to live sustainably, otherwise, the consequences could be world-destroying. Here are seven easy ways to live sustainably that you can apply today.

Thrift Stores

One amazing way to live sustainably, and a way you have likely never thought of, is to shop at thrift stores. The sustainability specialists from Whole People explain that by shopping at thrift stores for vintage or second-hand clothes, you reduce the number of clothes that wind up in landfills throughout the world and reduce the amount of waste that is dumped. Thrift stores are available online and offline and are a great way to get massive deals on fashion, as well as make a change to the environment. Many people, out of arrogance, refuse to shop at thrift stores, even though the clothes are often in fantastic condition – simply because they do not want to wear ‘used clothes.’ It is with this attitude that we have single-handedly destroyed the planet and only by correcting it can we begin to change things.


One of the main causes of pollution on the planet is the production and distribution of plastic. Going plastic-free is a fantastic way to reduce pollution on the Earth and prevent animals from being poisoned and having their habitats polluted. Plastic takes a very long time to break down, and because of this, ends up being eaten by animals – animals become trapped in it – and it just sits around. You can go plastic-free by using glass bottles and hemp bags. Hemp is a great alternative to plastic and a wonderful way for you to reduce pollution. Hemp is cheap, sustainable, and one of the best alternatives to plastic. You can find hemp wholesale – or buy it from most green-friendly stores in small quantities. Rather than using plastic bags, use hemp! There are other lesser alternatives too.

Drink Tap Water

Drinking tap water is very sustainable. Many people refuse to drink tap water, suggesting it is poisoning them – but in reality, plastic water bottles actually contain just the same as, or more, toxic chemicals than tap water. Tap water is a very sustainable way to live and saves the planet a lot of water and reduces a lot of waste being introduced into the world. Drinking tap water is something we should all start doing if we want to live more sustainably and make an impact on the planet positively. Put down your plastic bottles and pick up your glass cup – drink tap water.

Eat Locally

Eating locally grown and sourced food is a great way to live sustainably. Many people just go to their supermarket instead of farmers markets or local grocery stores – eating locally is a great way to live a healthier life, an organic life, and one that is not reliant on big corporations. You can likely find all of the most organic, delicious, and local food at a farmer’s market – which is usually held every second Sunday of the month, but that does vary depending on where you are in the world. Eat locally sourced produce, you will not regret it.

Donate and Resell

Rather than contributing to massive landfills, donate and resell; this feeds back into the first point which mentioned thrift shops. Rather than gratuitously throwing away things that are perfectly fine and perfectly reusable – resell them and donate them. This is a fantastic way to kickstart a sustainable lifestyle and a way you can be sure your second-hand goods will be used again and again. Donate and resell – it is the best way to live and the best way to ensure you are not leaving a negative impact on the planet and world around you.


Recycling is another obvious way that you can live more sustainably and stop leaving a negative impact on the surrounding planet. Recycling can be done by virtually anybody – anywhere. Recycle plants and disposable bins exist on every single corner of the Earth, so rather than just throwing your waste away, or worse, littering, recycle them. This will ensure they are given a second life and will not end up festering away in a landfill, waiting for birds and other animals to unknowingly eat them and poison themselves. Recycling is a great way to live – and a way you absolutely must live.

Plant Seeds

As we go through our lives, we should plant and distribute seeds. Mass deforestation is taking place throughout the world; planting seeds is a wonderful way to combat this. We can, surprisingly, make a huge impact on our environments by doing this, and by simply carrying a small bag of seeds around and distributing them everywhere that we go, we can make a positive impact on the world around us. Planting seeds can be done by absolutely anybody – anywhere. Try it out if you want to live sustainably and give back to the Earth.

Now, with the help of this page, you know everything that there is to know about living sustainably. Sustainable living is a fantastic lifestyle and one that is very rewarding. Once you start living sustainably, you will not be able to stop.