7 Reasons Why Buying Used Tech Is Eco-Friendly

Ethical and environmental shopping seems to be a huge trend nowadays. The novelties we buy are intended to be far more energy-efficient and energy-saving than our „old“ devices, so we’re queuing to be among the first lucky owners of the latest perk without remorse. In reality, however, things are not that straightforward. What’s more, numerous studies show that upgrading old notebooks or phones is a much „greener“ model than purchasing new stuff.

Surprised? Well, the truth is, the process of making a computing device (regardless of its type) is hell-roaring energy intensive, plus it requires a plethora of raw materials. If you are one of those who do care and want to help save our planet, take a look at 7 reasons why buying used tech is eco-friendly.  

You Help Minimize Carbon Emissions

It’s common knowledge, the process of producing the great bulk of ICT (information and communication technology) devices, including all kinds of portable computers and smartphones, is responsible for much larger carbon emissions compared to the phase of use. According to multiple studies, only 36% of the total greenhouse gas emissions count for the use of an average notebook in a period of five years while the rest arises from its production.

You do not have to be a math wiz to figure out that if your new notebook is 10% or 20% more energy-efficient than your older model, you have no chances to contribute to the well-being of our planet by buying a new device. Quite on the contrary, you will assist in increasing carbon emissions, and as a result, boosting global warming potential.

You Help Save Water Resources

Did you know that it takes almost 40 litres of water to make a humble computer chip? With billions of various chips produced each year, it comes as no surprise that demand for water across the globe is growing at the lightning speed. Also, do not forget that millions of litres of the Earth’s most precious liquid used by factories every month need to be disposed of as waste. Due to the high concentration of different hazardous substances, such water requires very complicated cleansing systems, which many countries with not well developed economies still cannot afford.

You Teach Children To Be Environmentally Conscious

We all know kids are far from being very careful with their things, that’s why it makes perfect sense to buy for your son or daughter a used computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Going this way, you will not only get more value for your money but will also set a good example for your children, teaching them to be environmentally conscious from an early age. For instance, opting for refurbished laptops can save you several hundred pounds, especially if you are looking for a performance model suitable for gaming. But even if you are plotting to give your kid his/her first desktop to strike better grades at school, it is a great idea to start with a used device. Speaking of smartphones, it seems very appropriate to pass yours to a younger family member when you switch to the newer model.

You Stop The Endless Cycle Of Unnecessary Creation 

Even though incredibly different by nature and financial opportunities, all people love buying new things. Many years ago, we usually went to the shop in case our TV or other appliance got broken without any chances to be fixed. Today, we buy a brand new smartphone simply because we want all the sought-after bells and whistles. 

While the statistics vary greatly from country to country, it is estimated that an average user changes his mobile phone at least once in three years. People with deeper pockets do it more frequently, switching to more ground-breaking versions every single year. Can you imagine the number of smartphones created every day to replace fully functional and still perfectly alive counterparts? Truth to be said, this endless cycle of creation of things we do not really need costs our planet a heck of a lot of resources, which are not infinite.

You Reduce Amount Of E-Waste

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those old TVs, computers, and a plethora of household appliances we cannot imagine our life without? Tons are discarded every year, going to the already packed landfills. To make things worse, those landfills are located overseas, mainly in Africa, India, Vietnam, or the Philippines, where vast areas are heavily polluted by all types of ICT waste. The latter is known for containing a huge range of heavy metals, including lead and toxic chemicals that deeply penetrate the soil and contaminate groundwaters. Dirty water, in its turn, exposes the health of local people to high risk of being poisoned by dangerous chemicals when used for drinking, preparing food, or bathing.

You Help Decrease Urge For Cobalt

Perhaps you know that cobalt is a very important part of the story. Today it is mined mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo under extremely dangerous conditions created by many years of severe conflicts that have ruled over the country. Not only adults but also children have to work there without sufficient safety to make their living, or it’s better to say, not to die from hunger. When you decide to buy used tech, you decrease the urge for cobalt, which has been traditionally used for funding brutal armed conflicts.

You Help Decline Demand For Batteries

The ever-growing popularity of all kinds of portable power-consuming products drives the tremendous global demand for batteries. Of course, it’s okay to change your dead battery but when you waste a functional cellular phone or a tablet with a battery that is still able to facilitate smooth performances of your device, you join the army of people who do not care about our planet. Batteries contain various toxic materials with cadmium, mercury, lead and lithium, to name just a few, which are very hazardous to the health of people and to the environment

As people across the globe are getting more and more obsessed with the advancement of technology, both large and small manufacturers are crazy busy constantly striving to produce even more powerful, smart, and tricked-out ultramodern wonders. However, if you do care about a healthy environment and want to live in a better world, give preference to eco-friendly used tech.