7 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Good For Your Wallet And The Planet 

Christmas is truly a wonderful time of the year. Apart from spending time with your family and friends, you also get to give gifts to everyone. 

As the holiday season approaches, there are plenty of things that you could be busy with. You might be already worrying about what type of foods to serve, decorations to display, the store where you’ll get the perfect Christmas tree, and gifts to give to your family and friends.

As you decide which kind of gift to give to your family, you might be drowning with plenty of options. You can choose to go for expensive, functional, or affordable. However, if you’d like to give the best gift that won’t burn your pockets and wouldn’t harm the environment, you can choose sustainable gifts. To provide you with an idea of what they are, check out the list below. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Christmas Cards

One of the easiest, cheapest, and best sustainable Christmas gift ideas that you could go for is an eco-friendly Christmas. With the right card, you can write a personal letter on it. Tell the recipient how you’d like to end the year and the things you appreciate with them.  

As you go with Christmas cards, there are plenty of eco-friendly options that you can go for. You can choose to use recycled papers, e-cards, or biodegradable cards. On top of this, some companies like Earthbits even let you buy cards made from Elephant dung! Cards like those would be a perfect option for you.

And of course, a card alone isn’t a gift. Make sure to slip in a gift card, a few bucks, or even a check together with the card. 

Reindeer card made with seed paper from Earthbits.com
  1. Bath Products

Another great gift that you should consider is giving bath products since everyone uses them. You can easily search for amazing shampoos, bath soaps, or even Epsom salts online, and you should come across various options which can also offer Christmas packaging. While those might be a great idea to present to your family and friends, you should consider eco-friendly soap and bathroom products, allowing yourself to be a friend to the environment.  

With eco-friendly soap and bath products, you can ensure that you can give something that your friends and loved ones can surely use without harming the environment. With the chemical components that most bath products use today, some may hurt and kill marine life. With eco-friendly ingredients, you can ensure that they can have a good bath experience without harming any living thing in the process.  

  1. Reusable Coffee Cups

Almost everyone enjoys having a cup of coffee to start their day. While some people choose to purchase one from their local coffee store, drinking their cup of joe in a reusable container will surely help save the environment. Moreover, some companies might also offer discounted prices since they’re reducing their packaging cost. On that note, giving reusable coffee cups would be a great gift idea.  

  1. Reusable Grocery Bags

If the recipient of your gift goes grocery shopping often, give them reusable grocery bags. Grocers and retail shops use too many plastics as packaging, which end up as waste. Your gift can help your family and friends reduce their plastic waste. 

It would be great to give them two or more bags if they are heavy grocery shoppers. After all, one bag can’t fit everything they’ll buy. Also, it’s a great time to have one since many cities around the world are already starting to ban plastic bags.

  1. Silicone Bags

To help your family and friends arrange their fridges properly, giving them reusable silicone bags would be a huge help. With those, they could simply add in their meat, fruits, and vegetables inside those bags and store them inside their fridge properly.  


Apart from proper food storage, a reusable silicone bag can also help maximize their foods’ lifespan as they seal them for extreme freshness. Moreover, they can label the bags for easier identification, so they no longer have to open them individually to find what they need to get.  

  1. Reusable Straw

Another great eco-friendly gift that you should consider is a reusable straw. It’s a great gift idea if the recipient is someone who enjoys daily sips from their iced coffee, smoothies, or fruit shakes. Giving them this as a gift will help reduce plastic straw waste. After all, straws are one of the biggest harms for marine life as they don’t decompose easily and could harm the ocean.

When giving reusable straws, it would be ideal if you could provide a straw cleaner along with a small container, allowing them to bring your gift wherever they would go. This will prevent them from getting straws from vendors and just use their own.  

  1. Makeup Remover Pad

If you’re planning to give someone a Christmas gift who enjoys wearing makeup regularly, giving them a makeup remover pad would be a great gift idea. When a person wears makeup daily, you can ensure that they’ll need to remove them at the end of the day for proper skincare. While regular makeup remover pads would suffice, providing them a reusable option would be a great idea.  

Using a makeup remover pad can be very expensive, especially if you need to use more than one sheet daily. With a reusable makeup remover pad, all they need to do is gently wash the product after every use and dry them overnight, allowing them to use it again for the next day. Apart from saving money, they could also help reduce their unnecessary waste, which could harm the environment.  


Christmas is the best holiday to give people who are close to you the perfect gift. While there are plenty of options, you can see on the market, giving them sustainable gifts would always be a great idea. Apart from giving them something they can truly use, you can save the environment. Just ensure that you look for the gift that they need with the perfect design, so you can ensure that they’ll use them regularly.