8 Items That You Should Add To Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Space This Summer

It’s summer! The perfect time to get your outdoor restaurant’s space ready for the season. Whether you have a patio, deck, or just an open yard – there are many ways to make your area more enjoyable. Here are eight items that you should add this summer:

1. Awnings Or Umbrellas For Shade 

In Australia, the summers can be harsh. The sun is intense, and you may find your customers leaving without shade because they are too hot! Awnings or umbrellas for shade will keep them cool when it’s needed most. When it comes to adding a shade for your patio, the team at Project Shade often insists on adding awnings or umbrellas to the patio canopy. Awnings and umbrellas can be used for multiple purposes, but if you want an outdoor space that is flexible enough to host many events at once, then it’s best not to rely on just one piece of equipment.

2. Outdoor Seating 

Your customers need somewhere to sit and eat, so why not allow them to do this outside? You may want to invest in outdoor furniture like tables and chairs as well.

If you’re looking for a practical but yet attractive option – consider stackable metal chairs. They come with an easy-to-clean surface that is also durable!

3. Cushions 

Comfort is critical when spending time outdoors, and cushions are a great way of adding comfort to your outdoor space. They can be used for sitting or lying down on the ground, which makes them perfect for your customers who want something comfortable to lie back against while they’re enjoying their meals!

And of course, if you have any seating set up at all, then cushions will help make those seats more inviting. Most people won’t want to sit down directly on cold metal benches without a cushion under their bum!

4. Fire Pit 

Although summers are known to be hot in Australia, nights can often be cold. A fire pit is a perfect way to keep you warm during those chilly nights.

Your customers will love sitting around the fire pit, chatting, and warming up on chilly evenings.

And you’ll be able to keep them active with games like Jenga or Scrabble while they wait for their meals!

5. Outdoor Lights! 

Nothing can feel awful than spending your night in a poorly lit space. Outdoor lights can be used to provide ambient lighting for a more enjoyable experience, even after the sun goes down. You can consider:

  • Outdoors lights with timer: so you don’t have to worry about forgetting and leaving them on all night or having someone else turn them off when they’re not done using the space.
  • Motion sensor outdoor light/sensor switch: if there are places in your restaurant’s outdoor area that would benefit from additional lighting at certain times of day, this is what you’ll need! This way, it won’t just stay lit up all night long, wasting energy and money without being fully utilized. Sensors switches like these will automatically trigger motion-activated spotlights when people walk by or if there’s some noise (like a dog barking)
  • Solar-powered outdoor lights: if you’re committed to making your space more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, then solar power lamps are what you need. These are perfect for adding some additional light where it’s needed without causing any harm to the planet!
  • String lighting: these will help create an atmosphere in your restaurant that looks festive, giving guests a great first impression of all the other wonderful things your business has to offer
  • Pathway/walkway lights: when people come up or down from their cars towards your door, they’ll want something nice waiting for them on the way there – so make sure those walkways have enough visibility by using pathway lights around trees and bushes near the entry points.

6. Add A Water Fountain Or Pond With Koi Fish

Adding a fountain or pond into your outdoor space will add some life and bring nature alive with soothing sounds on its own. Plus, there’s no better feeling than watching koi fish swim around lazily, especially if you’re having dinner at night time when these little beauties seem to shine even brighter against the dark backdrop!

Surely adding this element into your restaurant’s outdoor space is a no-brainer.

7. Add Some Plants Or Flowers 

Including some plants in your outdoor setting will bring the outside feel into your space. You can add various plants and flowers to fit any style or budget, from small herbs in containers to full-sized trees!

Plants are an easy way to have beautiful outdoor scenery without paying too much money for it upfront.

A few examples of plants that you might want to consider include:

  • Succulents are easy and low-maintenance plants. They’re beautiful in a wide variety of settings, from traditional gardens to modern interior spaces where they can be used as living wall decor.
  • Perennials will add color year-round, with new blooms appearing each season! Perennials come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s one for every type of setting. Some perennials like English daisies or Black-Eyed Susans also have fragrant flowers, which would make them perfect for your outdoor space.
  • Trees provide shade during the summer, creating a natural barrier between your customers and the sun while still letting plenty of light in. Trees are also an excellent way to add some texture and life to your space, whether you want something sturdy like an oak tree for your farm-to-table restaurant or something more delicate like weeping willow trees that look great in traditional settings with Spanish moss-draped on them!

The critical thing is to choose plants and flowers that tie into the theme of your outdoor space, so it looks cohesive without being too predictable.

8. Add A Patio Heater 

Having a patio heater is perfect for those chilly nights in the summertime. It will significantly improve your guests’ comfort by creating a more inviting environment.

It can be used year-round, and it just takes minutes to install! The best part is that you won’t have to worry about messy propane tanks or unsafe electric cords that could cause accidents.

If you have a restaurant with outdoor space, we’ve provided eight of the best items to consider adding. These ideas will help make your patio or deck look great all summer long, from furniture and lighting to plants and greenery.