8 Tips for Distributing Proper Air in Your Cannabis Facility

When it comes to growing cannabis, having a proper lighting system or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is really important. You might find yourself spending more than $250,000 on the equipment needed for growing it successfully.

However, the lighting system nor the HVAC system would be of any use to you if the airflow is not suitable for the plant. You need to make sure that air is properly distributed among all the plants and covers the entire room.

Distributing proper air is important because they tend to absorb oxygen from the environment and allow enough carbon dioxide to be present around the plant, which is exactly what they need to grow.

Now, you can either take the help of Surna cultivation technologies which would be a quick fix for all your problems, or you can take into consideration the 8 tips given below.

Tips to Distribute Air

1.    Air Rotation Fan:

This is an inexpensive method to keep the airflow appropriate at all times. The rotation effect would allow you to spread air among all the cannabis plants you are trying to cultivate.

2.    Engineered Ductwork:

This is another inexpensive method that one can use. It would help you by not creating a need for air rotation fans which can reduce the ROI in the short run.

3.    Airflow Mapping:

This would allow you to understand that airflow is necessary after every 5 feet of distance among the plants so that the plants at the back get as much air as the plants in the front.

4.    Using Diffusers:

Ductwork would be of no use if you do not have enough diffusers. The diffusers would help you in giving out the right throw, which is necessary for ductwork to work efficiently.

5.    HVAC:

Make sure you set up heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system because nothing would help in distributing the air better than this.

6.    Variables of Plant:

To see if you need to distribute air horizontally or vertically, you need to see what type of growth you want. You need to see the lighting system that is under use. All of this will impact your decision.

If your plant is as tall as 15 feet, then spreading air vertically would be of no use as the plant would be touching the roof.

7.    Under Canopy Ductwork:

This is usually better because distributing air from an angle might not provide enough air to all the plants that are situated at a different angle. If you are a bushier cultivator, then you need to take into consideration the under canopy ductwork. This would help in distributing air vertically.

8.    Taking Everyone on Board:

You might think one type of process improvement for cannabis is better than the other. However, your partner or employees might disagree with it. In order to avoid disagreement, you need to provide them with enough information as to why you think this is the best solution for optimum growth.

Given above are 8 different tips and tricks that you need to consider if you want the air to be properly distributed among your cannabis plants. Moreover, further consultation is always available from companies such as Suma, which are experts in the field.