9 Compelling Reasons Why Solar Power Should Be Used More


The use of Solar Power has now been increasingly popular, not only for huge plants but also in residential houses. They bring enormous benefits for businesses, organizations, and property owners in remarkable ways. If you want to make the switch but are still being hesitant, don’t worry, as jumping to this trend is more advantageous than not. However, if you are still not convinced, we laid out all the benefits of going solar for you.

Here are the top 9 reasons that will encourage you to use solar energy more. 

  • Solar Power Will Help Lower Your Bill

Electric and utility bills are one of the most expensive expenses that we pay monthly. Based on statistics, the monthly electricity bill in the US is averaging from $105.76 (Rhode Island) to $149.33 (Hawaii). Solar Power will allow households and commercial buildings to cut on the utility bills and save more money. Think about that $1,800 that one household can save annually. Even if it is not always sunny in your state, a solar panel can take in a considerable amount of sunlight and keep the energy for many days to come. 

The cost of electricity also fluctuates and is unpredictable, and by using solar power, you cannot just lower your bill but also budget your money in advance. 

  • You Can Generate Your Own Power (And It’s Easy!)

Solar energy is being released by the sun every day, no matter what weather it is. Having a solar panel on your roof will absorb all the power and create electricity that you can use for your home. The process is as easy as that, and it doesn’t require a lot of complicated knowledge and equipment. It may sound complicated, as it wasn’t widely promoted before, but it is effortless. 

Moreover, sunlight supply is never-ending, unlike any other sources of energy. Even if the world runs out of oil and natural gas, we can still function with the help of solar energy. It is accessible and can be used for an extended period of time. 

  • Solar Power Is Good For Environment 

Solar power is clean, sustainable, and abundant. Unlike other energy sources, solar doesn’t produce toxic carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. As mentioned on Your Energy Blog, we humans are the “diseases” on Earth as we don’t conserve Earth’s resources and create a massive carbon footprint. You can take the first green step by using solar power now. Starting using solar energy at home is a perfect way to prove that you care about reducing your carbon footprint, and you care about the environment and the planet Earth. 

  • Solar Panels Are A Great Investment

Solar panels’ price and cost of the switch can look intimidating at first, but the benefits are limitless as soon as you start using them. The longer you have and use them, the more advantage and benefits you can see. If you purchase them, you can pay off your solar panel system in five to eight years and see an ROI of 20 percent or more.

Most of the service providers also offer long-term warranties and aftercare service, which means you can save money not only short term but also long term. Besides, it provides you peace of mind that you will get the value of your money. 

  • It Can Increase Your Home Value 

Real estate brokers mentioned that properties equipped with solar energy systems are valued higher than non-solar properties. Houses that have pre-installed solar systems are attractive and sell quicker than the latter. As more people are getting knowledgeable about using solar power, they think it would benefit them in all aspects. In addition, new generations are taking action and getting more environmentally aware. 

Solar power systems are now a common feature that people look and inquire about when looking for homes and commercial properties. Lastly, the affordability of utilities makes it more attractive for property lookers. 

  • Solar Systems Are Low Maintenance

Contrary to some myths, solar systems are low maintenance compared to other energy sources. After the purchase and installation, there is no additional huge recurring cost. All you have to do is regularly clean them and remove any dust particles and other matters that cover the panel and inhibit them from absorbing solar energy. 

They are prone to wear and tear due to usage, but there are no moving parts that damage. The lifespan of any solar system is from twenty-five to thirty years, and the only complication can be damage from chemicals, debris, and storms. 


  • It Creates More Job 

The solar industry generates more and more jobs and employs increasing people compared to other previous sources of energy companies. The production and installation of solar systems translate to job opportunities for everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s small scale (residential), medium-scale (offices and commercial), or large scale (industrial). It still provides employment every time the demands get higher. 

Besides, you can hire someone to clean your solar panels for you, and this is another way for the solar industry to create jobs not only for experts but for everyone. 

  • Using Solar Power Has Tax Advantage

Some countries, like the US, give tax advantages if you are using Solar Power. They encourage people not just by creating awareness but by offering 30% tax credit for the expenses used in the installation of the solar systems. Starting from costs incurred from the labor, the installation, and preparation. This makes solar systems better than grid power.

  • Solar Power Can Utilize Unused Lands

Solar power can be produced from any part of the world, given that there is sufficient sunlight. Besides that, millions of acres of land have no economic significance in terms of agriculture or pastureland. These lands may be used for the establishment of solar farms. 

Using solar power is favorable not only for individuals, businesses, and government but also to the environment. With a lot of good things from it, you can make the switch now. If you want to know more, you can research or call the experts to further explain to you the information, procedures and answer any questions you have in mind.